Emergency Sheep!

Hello all! Hope you are well! I have had a bit of a week of it this last week!

On Thursday I set off for work, and when I pulled out my crochet project on the train, I found I had left my hook at home! What a disaster. I am sure you will all sympathise with me here – this is one of those situations that is unthinkable and unbearable! I was at a loss as to what to do with myself.

But then I passed the Paperchase in Waterloo station, and I happened to spy a Toft Crochet kit through the door. The kit came with a hook and stuffing and a needle and everything! I was saved!

This is Simon the Mini sheep. Crocheted using 25g of Toft DK. Isn’t it sweet? I definitely think Toft mini kits could be a new obsession.

But my tale of crochet woe does not end here! I finished this little sheepy on Friday and so got back to work on my Willow Crop, but on Saturday, on boarding the train home from work, I realised I had now left my project at work! Doh! And I wouldn’t be back at work until Wednesday! Whoops. So I had to start another project!