July Makes

Another month over. Each one seems to pass more quickly than the last! Here is my roundup of July’s makes.

I started with a Hat – The Nepal Beanie.

Then I cracked on with a few more squares from my Hook n Learn Blanket.

I used the leftovers from my Nepal Beanie to make some yarny birthday cards.

Then I made this Cowl.

I completed another set of squares for my Hook n Learn Blanket.

And Finally I finished my Sleeveless Top from issue 70 of Simply Crochet Magazine, which I will share properly tomorrow when I have had the chance to take some good photos!

Nepal Beanie

Don’t you just love I it when a project turns out even better than you had imagined it would?

I have always been a little skeptacle about speckled yarns and a crocheter. I felt like the speckled would get lost in the stitches. But when I saw this yarn (Hardcore DK by Dye Candy in Colourway Doll Parts) I just had to have it. And I am pleased to report it has proven me wrong.

And can we talk about this pattern? I have had it in my que for ages but kept putting it off, and I have no idea why! This pattern is so simple and just look at the texture the stitches give!

Seriously, if you are looking for a quick project with lots of texture but minimal concentration then this is definitely for you. You can find the pattern here. I can’t wait for the cooler weather to roll round so I can start wearing it!

My Blooming Crocus Top

She is finished! Yay! And just in time for the Flower Show yesterday. It really was last minute, sewing in the last few ends. But it was all worth it.

This pattern is called Blooming Crocus Top by Carol Ruprecht of Sweet Potato Crochet Creations.

I made it using Sirdar Softspun in the colourway Amethyst. This yarn is now discontinued – I bought it many years ago in a John Lewis Sale, so am glad to finally of us it! Another bit of stash busting ticked of the list.

I did come across a little problems whilst working on this tee. It was my gauge! The pattern calls for a 5mm hook. But when I crocheted up the first few rounds I noticed my gauge was way off! It was 8 inches bigger around the hips than the pattern suggested! Now I never check gauge before starting work, as I have generally found my gauge to be quite accurate, but in this case it would have saved me a lot of frogging. Perhaps this is dates way of telling me to just do the bloody gauge swatch! I ended up going down a hook size to a 4mm in the end, and having done that my gauge was pretty spot on.

I really enjoyed crocheting this tee – the Stitch repeat is interesting enough to make it fun but memorable enough that you don’t have to pay too much attention.

I wore this tee all day out in the 26 degree heat, and I was a cool as a cucumber – it was lovely and comfortable and airy. And I love that I can dress it up of down. Today I wore it with denim shorts and canvas pumps, but it would look really lovely over a little black dress or under a pinafore dress.

Don’t you just love such versatile designs!

My Cherry Pi

hello all! today I am popping in to share with you my latest finished object.

This is the Cherry Pi Shawl, which is publiushed in the irst Book of the Shawl Project series by The Crochet Project. This particular shawl was designed by Joanne Scrace.

the yarn is Britsilk 4ply by the Knitting Goddess. It is the first ever hand dyed yarn I bought. it started my love affair with indie dyers, so it was only fitting it became such a gorgeous project.

The lace in this pattern is absolutely stunning. It is a real treat to block, as the lace opens up beautifully.

The pattern, as all patterns in the Shawl Project book 1, requires just a single skein of fingering weight yarn.

the only slight problem i had with this pattern was during the middle section of lace. Because yoiu went into a stitch with a chain on your hook, sometimes the stitching wasnt as smooth as the chain got twisted around the hook. But it all worked out in the end.

I particularly appreciated the note section of the pattern. It states that “the pattern will not sit nicely until it has had its first blocking. Have faith even though it looks wrong, it will be fine”. This was well needed advice. I often find as a follower of a couple of designers facebook support groups, that people repeatedly question if things look right if so much as a tiny ruffle appears in the work, and the designers have to continually reassure them that thwe ruffles will block out. So I appreciate the forethought that Joanne had in writing this pattern.

Dont you find it just incredible what we can make with a single ball of yarn. Once I have pinned my work to the blocking board I hang the board up inside my shower (its the only place in my house where the cat wouldnt be able to reach my work), and so everytime I went into the bathroom, I found myself staring joyfully at the project, completely blown away that something so beautiful could have come from a single continuous peice of yarn. Its amazing what us Yarnies can create, isnt it?

As an added bonus, if you pop over to my insta highlights, you can see a little storyboard of what Max is thinking when she decides to interfere with my crochet projects.

WIP Wednesday (05/06/19)

This WIP Wednesday I have 3 projects on the hooks.

I am almost finished my Cherry Pi shawl. I finished the actual crochet part on the train home from work earlier today. I just have to sew in the ends and block it. It’s gonna be real exciting blocking something so lacey.

I started the Blooming Crocus Top pattern by sweet potato crochet yesterday. But I have no photo as it’s sitting on the naughty step. I did the first 2 rows for the Large size, only to try it on and find that it is about 8 inches too big for me. So I am deciding what to do now. I guess I will go down to a M. Or perhaps go down a hook size. Or perhaps both. Who knows. I hate to do gauge swatches but I think I have no choice. When I measured my gauche I think I was a whole cluster shell stitch out!

And finally, I am working on one of my own patterns – in order to rewrite my old pattern I needed to make another to better understand why people were having a hard time understanding it. I hope to have it re-released by the end of the week.

Also whilst I am here, I just wanna share with you a new project bag which I received in the post today. If you don’t like rude things, look away now:

When I saw it it made me chuckle so I had to have it! It has pockets on the inside too. 2 big ones and 4 little ones. It is brilliant!

I bought it from the Knitting Goddess, who is also the person who dyed the yarn I am using for my Cherry Pi Shawl above.

Some New Project Bags

Back in November, I purchased a lovely little project bag covered in sheep for my mums Christmas gift. I got it from a lovely lady on Etsy called Josiane who’s Etsy store is called GladeOfDreams.

As a thank you for my first purchase she gave me a discount code for my next purchase. Well, mum loved hers so I decided that for chris’ Birthday, I would get him his own one. Up until this point he has been using one of the organza bags provided by Wool Warehouse but organza doesn’t hold up well to dpn’s. So I thought it time he had an upgrade.

And of course, it would be daft of me not to get my own project bag too, wouldn’t it? So I got this one.

And, the parcel came with an added extra – she had thrown in an extra little notions case as a thank you for being the first buyer of 2019. Isn’t that lovely? and its the perfect size to fit in my stitch marker tin, my chibi, and my jammy dodger tape measure.

So If you need a project bag, do go over and check out Etsy – she is still quite a small business and I am sure will be very greatful for your visit.
And Whilst I am here, I want to share with you some yarn I forgot to share with you back when I got it in December – check this out:

I received this yarn and pin badge as a reward from Sealy MacWheely, for helping to fund her dream of opening a Bricks and Mortar store via Kickstarter. The colourway is a kickstarter exclusive, so you won’t be able to get this specific colourway, but I would definately recommend giving her Instagram a perusing – just don’t blame me if you can’t help but spend all of your money!

2018 In Crochet

My goodness! This had been my most prolific year yet! I crocheted so much more than I thought possible! 











Wow! What a busy year! And now for some statistics.

Ravelry tells me I have completed 86 projects this year. When Ravelry released the goal feature they have where you can set a goal for number of projects completed, I set a target of 60. So I most definately smashed through that target!
I have used 20684 yards of yarn this year which equates to 11.8 miles of yarn. Thats insane.
My most commonly used yarn weight this year seems to be 4ply, which is kinda cool because at the beginning of the year I had always said I couldnt manage lighterweight yarns. 
And as for firsts – I created my first Octo for Ofapuk, I created my first sweater. And for the first time, I used 4ply yarn. 

Aprils Makes

I havent had a terribly productive time of it this month. I started April with horrendous pain from my carpal tunnel syndrome, then I got a cold which circulated my household for a while so I didnt get as much done as I had planned. Here is what I did acheive. 

I made these roses which became this hat.

I completed the second part In the Simply Crochet Hook n Learn CAL. 

I made 3 little Octopus.

And I made this little cat on a whim yesterday. I just had an urge to make a cat… no idea why. It isnt perfect as I made it up as I went along. My other half is insisting we give it a name. But the only idea he could come up with was Jess (inspired by postman pat) but that wasnt suitable as it is only black (not black and white) Or Doomfist (We were playing Overwatch on the PS4 at the mo). Anyway, his naming privaleges were speedily revoked. And I still have no idea. Suggestions?

Next month I hope to have at least completed my Movie Night Cardi, and I have a wedding gift to be working on, as well as the CAL and my octos.