Another Test – The Bedrock Beanie

Hello all!

I was super excited last weekend to be chosen to test a Beanie Pattern for Black Rose Stitches. Here is my finished Beanie!

I used my skein of Carolina DK by third vault yarns which I purchased at Yarndale. The pattern really shows off the subtle variegation of this yarn.

I actually made 2 of these hats. Here is the first.

The pattern is written with varying instructions to account for the differecne in weight between commecial and hand dyed yarn. The fist hat reached the required width for the brim but was too small for me once the full hat was complete (a little tight and a little short) so the designer tok that into account along with the feedback of the other testers who were having similar issues with hand dyed and adjusted the pattern.

The first hat is still lovely, but just isn’t quite right for me, so I will gift it to a friend with a smaller head.

I was amazed to get 2 hats from a single skein (which was 115g). The firstat only used 45g and the second only around 65g. I reckon if you had th time you could adjust the pattern to make a mummy and me set from a single skein of hand dyed! Wouldn’t that be sweet?

I am so excited to be getting accepted as a tester! It’s real fun and I get to try out new things! I am glad I got started!

Flower Child Beanie

I have another Finished Object to share with you.

This is the Flower Child Beanie, by TL Yarn Craft. I discovered TL Yarn Crafts back when we were all having the discussion about racism within the Yarn community. Whilst I have never knowingly not taken notice of a person of colour in the yarn community, I realised just how undiverse my Instagram feed was, so I used it as an opportunity to improve the diversity of my newsfeed with more BAEM makers. And I am glad I did, because Toni’s work is gorgeous.

The yarn is the Kick Starter Exclusive yarn I received for backing Sealy MacWheely when she wanted to open a bricks and mortar store. With the addition of the black pom poms, the hat reminds me of all of the tacky neon and black striped wrist warmers I used to by myself in my teenage emo years. What a throwback.

The pattern was so easy to follow and so quick – I only started it on Saturday night, and was finished by Tuesday night.

It has been a lovely distraction from being sick. I have been wrapped up at home crocheting and drinking coffee and feeling sorry for myself.
I am really pleased with the photos I took too. This is my first attempt at shooting myself – normally my Fiance does the photography if I need to be in the pic.

And f course, mistress Maxine a oget volved hwen she saw had the camera out. She look really pleased with her self when she ‘caught’ her prey… She does love a good pompom.
Anyways. It’s also Wednesday, but I have no WIP’s. So I caked up some yarn to start a new project.

This is Blue Moon Fibre Arts ‘Plushy’ in colourway Dye Dreamer. I bought it back in October on my 26th birthday in San Francisco. It will become a Sailors Moon jumper. I really enjoyed making this jumper last time, and I picked this yarn out with this jumper in mind. I thought it would be really food crochet for whilst I am watching Eurovision since once the yoke is complete, it’s straight granny Stitch, which I can do without looking.

My Honey Bun Beanie

Ooooh I am so pleased to share with you this hat.

Its so bright and fluffy. 

The yarn is Baa Ram Ewe Titus 4ply in colourway Viking. Its such a lovely rich warm autumnal colour! Thsi yarn is lovely as its a mixture of Wensleydale and Blue Face Leicester with a little Alpaca thrown in too. Its luxurious but local, using only british fibres and spun and dyed in Yorkshire.

The Pattern is The Honeybun Beanie by Nomad Stitches. You can find it here
I think this pattern but I dont quite think it turned out as the pattern intended and I cant quite work out why. I think because perhaps I have a large head so it was wider than normal. When I got to the final round (at which point you sc2tog all around) I have still 18 stitches. Which I think is what caused the slight puckering.
However, I will definately give it a go again – the pattern is wonderfully written so that you can make it in any yarn weight and size you like, so its completely adaptable. There are plenty of photographs to help you along the way too. 
I made just one adaptation. In the second round of the body of the hat, I created a back loop sc in every 8th stitch. This way, when I came to row 3 where you start your Front post dc’s, I had something easier to work with. You see I couldnt work out how to do a front post dc into a sc. So I did a front loop dc instead into the row below. 
Now to finish up some octo’s. I am finally germ free – yaaaaaay! 

Column Beanie

Today I am popping in to share with you the second project I finished in the last week. 

This is the Column beanie. You can find the pattern by Leah Oliver here
I am totally in love with the pompom – it is always quite exciting when you make such a perfect pom! Just look at it. 

The yarn is Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK. The colour was picked by my Fiance, since this hat was for him. Bless his little face. I could have just picked this colour myself as I knew he would pick it but its nice to get them involved. He was puzzled as to why he needed a new hat. He still wears and is perfectly happy with a hat I made him in 2014. It is too big, very basic, and made with acrylic yarn. It was time for an upgrade I explained. Something more luxurious and interesting looking. And now he is chuffed with his new hat. 
It is so lovely to be marrying someone who receives my handmade gifts so greatfully and treasures them so much. He seems to get so much pleasure when he has the opportunity to pull his homemade goods out of the draw and put them into use. I love him very much! 

Now it is time to make myself a more luxurious hat – an upgrade from my basic acrylic hat, also made in 2014, as pictured above. It has been well loved and well used but its time to upgrade. Keep your eyes peeled!