Another Test – The Bedrock Beanie

Hello all!

I was super excited last weekend to be chosen to test a Beanie Pattern for Black Rose Stitches. Here is my finished Beanie!

I used my skein of Carolina DK by third vault yarns which I purchased at Yarndale. The pattern really shows off the subtle variegation of this yarn.

I actually made 2 of these hats. Here is the first.

The pattern is written with varying instructions to account for the differecne in weight between commecial and hand dyed yarn. The fist hat reached the required width for the brim but was too small for me once the full hat was complete (a little tight and a little short) so the designer tok that into account along with the feedback of the other testers who were having similar issues with hand dyed and adjusted the pattern.

The first hat is still lovely, but just isn’t quite right for me, so I will gift it to a friend with a smaller head.

I was amazed to get 2 hats from a single skein (which was 115g). The firstat only used 45g and the second only around 65g. I reckon if you had th time you could adjust the pattern to make a mummy and me set from a single skein of hand dyed! Wouldn’t that be sweet?

I am so excited to be getting accepted as a tester! It’s real fun and I get to try out new things! I am glad I got started!

Cosgrove Crop – My first ever Test pattern

Hello all! I have wanted to get into the pattern testing game for a while now, and, recently I was successfully accepted as a tester for my very first test piece. This was the Cosgrove Crop by Louisa Sheward.

I really loved working on this pattern. The majority of it was crocheted whilst on my way to and from Yarndale. It was super portable and super fun.

Often making garments in hand dyed yarn can feel quite expensive, so, using just 2-3 skeins of DK, you could show off some really beautiful hand dyed yarn without breaking the bank.

I used Hedgerow Fibres Cosy DK Sock set. The 20g of yarn that came with each 100g skein was perfect for the trim.

Now I did unfortunately run out of yarn – the yarn I chose did not have exactly the same yardage as was requires. The pale pink speckled colour should have constituted the whole top, but I ran out before the ribbing, so I switched to my contrast yarn. I love how it looks though.

My favourite thing about this pattern though is the innovative use of the imperfections created by joining each round with a Slip Stitch into its main design feature!

I would highly reccomend this pattern, both to newbie crocheters looking to make their first garment, and to more experienced crocheters looking for an instant gratification sort of project. It is really easily customisable for length so you can make it as short or long as you like.
The best bit is that it was released yesterday! Check it out here!

Some Beautiful Tulips!

Hi everyone! I am just popping in to share with you the good news that I have now written and uploaded the pattern for my tulips!

Check out my Ravelry Designer Page here to get the pattern, and please share your photos if you have a go!

Also as a side note, I apologise if any of you tried to download the Rugged Boho Waistcoat recently. It appears I uploaded the wrong pdf! Doh! Anyways, I have now corrected it so you should be able to download it now. Enjoy!

Another Hat!

I am on a hat making roll at the mo. I really love making hats and this one was no different. 

This is the Fall Lovin’ Beanie from Tracee Fromm of Cre8tion Crochet. You can find the pattern here
Its made using Wendy Ramsdale, which I have had in my stash for a good few years, leftover from a waistcoat I made, which you can see here.
I loved this pattern. Its so easy to follow and the finished hat is lovely. I love the texture created by the rows of X stitches. And the yarn makes it really earthy and autumnal!
And off it goes to the gift pile hopefully to keep one of my family nice and warm.