Happy Birthday to My Love

I do love a good birthday celebration, and this weekend we celebrated my Fiancé’s 31’st birthday. Here he is looking happy as a sandboy with the birthday gift he got from my parents – a Lubitel 166b Medium format film camera.

His birthday isn’t until Monday but he has to go to Germany to give a speech at a tech conference so we celebrated today with cards and gifts and a lovely meal after visiting Greenwich Market to collect the camera. So now I can share with you my birthday craftiness!
First of all, here is the card I made him.

Did you get the reference? It’s from the video game Portal which is one of his favourite games ever. It isn’t as neat as I would like, but I think for my first attempt at both watercolor painting and paper cutting, I think it is pretty acceptable.
And of course, since in the game, the cake is proven not to be a lie, I too had to prove the cake not to be a lie by producing the cake.

Here it is – on top, the cake in the game and below, my attempt. After spending forever trying to work out how to get the sprinkles on the side of it, I almost dropped it whilst lowering it into the fridge, which I can tell you, was heart stopping moment. Luckily I managed to rescue it, with minimal damage. He loved it!
And of course, in true Me style, I had to crochet him a gift too. And, of course, I finished it whilst he was sleeping on the morning of gifting. Doh! When will I ever learn to be punctual?

This is a Pachimari, modeled on his favourite character, D.va from the Video Game Overwatch. And, I am especially proud of myself as I did not have to buy any new yarn – I was able to complete it using leftover yarn from the Loot Llama I made back in December.

I am particularly proud of the little headphones. I think I managed to pack in quite a lot of detail!

Pachimari Practice

I recently saw that Stylecraft were looking for sample makers, particularly those who are interested in amigrumi, to help them make samples for photo shoots. Well obviously I was interested so I sent off for details and to register my interest. 
I have been advised I will be required to send in some examples of my work which will be returned upon inspection. Well since I have started my gift pile early I have some hats and such that I can send, but I didnt have any amigrumi to hand since it all ends up being gifted, so I had a sit down and a think about what Ami Projects I have been thinking about doing recently, and this is what I decided to make. A Pachimari. 

For those of you who dont know, a Pachimari is a half onion half octopus monster which features in mine and my fiance’s favourite video game, Overwatch. It is supposed to looks like this.
Now, I appreciate that its not entirely accurate but considering I made it up as I went along I think I did a good job. And the main thing is that it demonstrated my Amigrumi Skills quite nicely. Also, My Fiance was very pleased with it when I gave it to him on his return from Berlin.