#Octopledge 2019 May Donations

After what seems like forever, I am finally able to share with you a donation for OFAPUK.
Life majorly got in the way for a few months, what with my course and being ill so many times and my new job. But hopefully from now on I can get on and continue donating monthly.

I made these little critters using Ice Plaid Cotton.

#Octopledge 2019 February Donations

This month for OFAPUK, I made a trio of Octos.

I think they are perfect for spring, like a little bunch of daffodils. Others in the Facebook group think they look like pineapples. One lady even thought they looked like carrots! To each their own I suppose!
I will update this post once I know how they went. I suspect they will be going to angels, as I struggled even moving down a hooksize to get an Octo with no holes.

Octo pledge 2019 January Donations

Wowza – it’s been a whole year since my first donation to OFAPUK. Doesn’t time fly? Today I am checking in to share with you the Octo’s I donated in January.

There’s a total of 4 this month, using the scraps of no less than 6 balls of yarn. And here is how they did, Clockwise from top left:
1. Preemie
2. Preemie
3. Went to an Angel. I knew this would be the case as soon as I stuffed it – There were so many holes in it it made no sense to sew them up as in the same time I could have made another! This was the first time I used Scheepjes Sunkissed for Octo’s, (I was using the leftovers from my laptop case) and I think my hook was a little too big. Next time, I will use a 2mm and see how that goes.
4. Preemie

#Octopledge 2018 Final Tally

Goodness me, its been a whole year since I joined Octopus for a Preemie and what a year its been. I thought I would take a look back at the year in donations.

I have made 63 Octo/Jellies/Flatties in total. 45 of those went to preemie babies. The other 18 went to comfort angel babies and their greiving parents. 
My most successful month was October, where I donated 17 little critters and 100% of them were preemie passes. 
I have crocheted 2281 yards of yarn creating these little critters. 
I have really enjoyed making these creatures for some of the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society. And the charity has had an amazing year, but they still have so much work to do.
If you love amigurumi and want to give something back please consider joining us. The facebook group has over 20000 members and press articles often say we have over 20000 volunteers but this is a misinterpritation on their part – in reality only around 300 of us are actively making – and we have around 90 hospitals to supply so any more crocheters and knitters who can actively donate would be super welcome! Just type in Octopus for a Preemie UK into facebook. You wont regret it! 

Octopledge 2018 December Donation

Its been another rather light month on the octo front – mainly owing to christmas – I completed 2 when I went to the pub with the local Octo group, but couldnt complete more until the xmas gifts were complete

I tried to use up some part used balls so I used Grundl Cotton Quick Print for these.
I will update this post once I know their fates. 

#Octopledge 2018 November Donations

Hello all! Another month has passed and another bunch of Octos have been donated. 

Admittedly, a much smaller donation than last month. What with a rotten stinking cold, tummy bugs and the mad dash to finish christmas gift making it was hard to find time this month. 
I will update once I know how they have done! 

#Octopledge 2018 October Donations

I have had a bumper month of Octo Making in October. I donated 17 Critters in total.

I made 9 purple themed Octos

6 purple themed Flatties

And 2 non purple octos. 
If you didnt know, November is the month of Prematurity Awareness, who’s colour is purple. Hence the purple octos. 
My co-ord is currently sick so wont be able to check them until her household is out of quarantine. But whatever journey they take, they have a valuable job to do.
I can now confirm that all 17 went to preemies! What a result. I am so proud!

#Octopledge2018 Mid Month Review

Its been a while since I managed a mid month review. This is mainly because over the last few months the time has flown so quickly that I didnt even start making them until after the mid month point. 
I have quite a few already made this month though. 

First I have these 2, which I made before I knew November (when they would be arriving at their hospitals) was world prematurity month. The one with the green tentacles is made with Lana Grossa Cotone for the head and Sirdar Pure Cotton 4ply for the tentacles. The other is Grundl Quick Prints.

Then I have this little group, which are made of a mix of Lana Grossa Cotone, Sirdar Cotton DK, King Cole Cotton Soft and Debbie Bliss Cotton. 
I have been super motivated so far this month. Partly because we fell short of target last month and partly because I love working with purple yarn! 

September Makes

My gosh! I have been on holiday this last weekend so I totally didnt notice September coming to an end! I was at the British Musical Firework Championships in Southport. 

As well as enjoying the fireworks we had a great time exploring the Vast Sand Dunes of Ainsdale and Birkdale Sandhill Nature Reserve

And we got really rather more excited than most the children and the Model Railway village. 

We also visited a quirky little museum all about lawnmowers! 

Anyways, I digress! I have popped in to do my end of month round up of makes completed in September!

First I completed a trio of Wash Sets

Then I finished my Hotel Of Bees Shawl 

Then another trio of wash sets.

I also completed this pair of Octopusses for Octo for a Preemie UK.

And then I made this Desert Wind triangle scarf. 

Finally I completed the Column Beanie for my Fiance. 
What a busy month! Lets hope I can keep up the productivity. I am a mere 140 yards away from meeting my total yarn consumption from 2017! In october I will smash my last years record!