Emergency Sheep!

Hello all! Hope you are well! I have had a bit of a week of it this last week!

On Thursday I set off for work, and when I pulled out my crochet project on the train, I found I had left my hook at home! What a disaster. I am sure you will all sympathise with me here – this is one of those situations that is unthinkable and unbearable! I was at a loss as to what to do with myself.

But then I passed the Paperchase in Waterloo station, and I happened to spy a Toft Crochet kit through the door. The kit came with a hook and stuffing and a needle and everything! I was saved!

This is Simon the Mini sheep. Crocheted using 25g of Toft DK. Isn’t it sweet? I definitely think Toft mini kits could be a new obsession.

But my tale of crochet woe does not end here! I finished this little sheepy on Friday and so got back to work on my Willow Crop, but on Saturday, on boarding the train home from work, I realised I had now left my project at work! Doh! And I wouldn’t be back at work until Wednesday! Whoops. So I had to start another project!

What to do with Mini Skeins

Hello all! So I have seen yarn boxes and even yarn advent calendars becoming more and more popular over the last few years but they always seemed a little frivolous so up until now I havent given one a go. 
However, what with my new job soon to start and the significant pay rise that comes with it, I deserved a treat. So I pre-ordered the Truly Unbeleiva-Dyeing Yarn Advent calendar. 
This Advent calendar is a collaboration between Truly Hooked, Unbeleiva-wool and Dye Candy. 3 amazing yarn dyers who I have been following on the social medias for a very long time but have yet to purchase from. 
It includes 24 10g skeins of DK (22m) or Sock Weight (42m). 
Now, I am super excited to receive this but my word have I been having a tough time deciding what to do. There are 1 or 2 blog posts around but they all seem to be about knitting so I thought I would put together some ideas here for us crocheters! Feel free to comment if you have any ideas to add!
Now the obvious answer is a blanket (or at least the constituent parts). Something where you could make all the motifs with your mini skeins, then join it up with a couple of extra balls. 

Like for example this Polka Dot Blanket by Cyndy at True North Yarn Co
Or the Weekender Blanket, another free pattern available over at the Cherry Heart. 
Mini Projects
From the largest things to the smallest, you could make some decorative items for your home. Anything would do but how about something where you could make 1 a day through advent and add them to the collection.

We could all do with a bit more love in our lives, so how about filling your home with vases of these cute little hearts by Anne Maries Haakblog. 
Or these ones which you can turn into bunting, By Bella Dia
Scarfs would be a pretty safe bet I think. A scarf of so many pretty colours that it brightens the day just by wearing it. 

I think linen stitch would look lovely – really mixing up all the different colours you have. Try this pattern by Heidi Beukelman Designs. 
Or how about this Chevron Scarf design by Dena of Little Monkey Stitch n Spin. The pattern uses Worsted but you could add an extra chevron or two to make it suited to lighter weight yarn. 

Motifs arent just for blankets. They can be great for shawls too! Check these ones out.

There is the wonderful Blooming Flower Shawl by Eleonora Tully of Coastal Crochet, which I think would work really well. You can find the details here. It featured in issue 75 of simply crochet magazine.

Or how about the lovely Diamond Shawl by Vicky Gorry. From issue 72 of Simply Crochet magazine. You can find more details here
But I think I have found the project for me.
Check out this beautiful Shawl by Kat Goldin. The Lake of Menteith Shawl. Isnt it just devine! You can find it here

I love it because it is constructed fan by fan so I can use the colours as they come out of the advent calendar. I think it will be a cool experiment! It may end up crazy looking but it will definately be fun! 
Happy hooking all!