March's Makes

And so another month has come to an end. April is here almost and I am reaally excited because I have just 1 week left at work then almost 3 weeks off, I have Secret Cinema to look forward too, another Hen Do and a few video game releases. And of course, plenty of crafting time.

This month, I made it my mission to finish off my jumper which I finally managed in mid march. The final yarn count was just under 24 balls of Drops Paris.

I made these adorable little jellys and an octo. 3 went to preemies and 2 to angels.

I completed this CAL block, The first for the Hook ‘n’ Learn blanket.

And I finished my first ever knitted scarf. Which I will write about in more detail tomorrow!

WIP Wednesday (21/02/18)

I am working on two projects at the moment.
The first is my first ever knit scarf. I have now got to the end of my first ball of yarn (Knitcraft Hug It Out) so before I can go any further I need to youtube how to change yarn. Does anyone have any particular suggestions for good knitting tutorial youtube channels?

When I sat down to do a few more rows last night Max promptly ran over to sit right on my yarn and project. So I pushed her away. Seems she learnt something because the second time she went under.

Look at her eyeballing my yarn…
The other project is my jumper. I can finally see the end. The yoke is now almost done, despite having to frog the entire yolk a week back. So its just sleeves then then the collar and the stitching around the bottom then I am done. I think I dont have enough yarn to complete it so have ordered a couple more balls in a contrasting colour just to finish off the final touches. I cant wait to be able to wear it. Hopefully by next weeks post I will be able to hang it on the mannequin so you can get more of an idea of how it will look once finished.

Incidentally, for anyone who knits, could you tell me how you take such beautiful picyures of your half done knits – mayne its just mt tension amd the chunky yarn but my work is so curly its hard to make it go flat for pictures.