Kjersti's Hotel of Bees

My word what a day we had yesterday! We travelled down to Whitstable to see my Father in Law-to be and his wife and her daughter. Its two trains to get there and should take 1 hour and 30. Unfortunately en route due to many seperate incidents our first train got delayed and delayed some more, then finally got terminated mid journey at northfleet. So we had to wait for another train to get to gravesend. That train was also severely delayed. By the time we got to gravesend we had missed our connection and had to wait another hour for the next one. We aborted mission and asked father in law to pick us up. Its a good job we did as the train an hour later ended up being delayed by 2 hours along the way! It was crazy. 
We had intended to come back last night, but when we checked they were also completely buggered and getting stranded for hours so we decided to stay at their house and he drove us back thismorning. 
Anyways, I can now show you the Shawl I made for Kjersti – the Father in Laws wife, as I was able to gift it to her yesterday.

I love it so much and so did she!

She was so happy to receive it as it is so her.

She has an obsession with bees.

As I pointed out every little detail to her she loved it even more. 
Its so exciting to see people open their hand made gifts! 

WIP Wednesday (19/12/18)

Good morning everyone! My goodness christmas is now less than a week away! I have spent the majority of this week cuddled up on my sofa with my fiance crocheting like theres no tomordow! 
I have 3 projects on the hooks right now. My esja, which has been put on the back burner until the christmas gifts are complete. 
A loot Llama – currently in many parts I have more parts to make then I will sew it all together at the end.

And the Hotel of Bees shawl for my step mother in law. I hope to finish and block this today, as it needs to be dry by friday for gifting! 
Are you still finishing christmas gifts? If so good luck! 

WIP Wednesday (05/12/18)

Christmas is fast approaching so I got craching on my second to last christmas gift – another Hotel Of Bees shawl. 

And I have done a few more rows on my Esja sweater since sharing it yesterday!

What have you got on your hooks. Are you scrabbling away in a last minute panic to finish by christmas or are you relaxing? 

My Hotel of Bees

Wow! I never thought it possible to fall in love with a pattern but my word, this is just beautiful! This pattern is so beautifully written, so beautifully designed. It is gorgeous! I want to make a million if them. Honestly you should all try it out. It is wonderful. 

I made this shawl using Drops Merino Extra Fine. I chose these yarns as they were already in my stash. I bought them some time ago in a sale because I liked the colours but I didnt have any plans for it. I did have to purchase another 2 balls. I needed 3 grey 3 purple and 1 pistachio but I had 4 grey 2 purple and 2 pisatachio. I bought 2 extra purple such that when complete I would have 1 of each ball left over for another project. 

Here are some close ups of each section. 
The wings.
The openwork honeycomb.
The bees.
And the filet honeycombs/flowers. 
Honestly I think I will never take this shawl off! And I already bought more yarn to make one for my step-mother in law for christmas.