Hook N Learn Part 9 – Apache Tears

Here it is. My go at Simply Crochet Magazine Hook n Learn CAL part 9.

I have to say, whilst I love the asthetic of the Stitch done properly it isn’t for me…

The original pattern as written would have required me to see in 54 ends we block… That’s 108 by the time both blocks are finished. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So I tried to work it out so I could go back and forth in rows instead of fastening off and starting each row on the same side. This would remove two thirds of the ends rovbe sewn in. It looks fine but it’s not quite as nice as the original. Also it’s so boring! My god is it boring. So boring that I finished each block 3 rows early! My gauge has been quite all over the place with this project, and at the point I stopped these blocks were the same size as some other blocks that were meant to be this size so it’s close enough. I.

On happier news, we are now only 3 parts away from the border, and each of the last three parts require only 1 square! Yay! I am almost there! I have some pretty important other projects to finish first though, so I may not get onto the next square until September…

WIP Wednesday (10/07/19)

Hello all! Happy Wednesday! I have 3 projects on the hooks today!

I started my Lucinda Shawl

I moved on to part 9 of the Simply Crochet Hook n Learn Cal. It is Apache tears, which is new to me. I had to Jimmy it a little though as the original design required you to fasten off each row and join again for the next. That would have meant 108 ends to sew in… Yeah, I am not mad so I am trying to make it work by only fastening off to change colour.

And finally I have made a few more inches progress on my sleeveless top from issue 70 of Simply Crochet Magazine.

I hope you are all having a wonderful WIP Wednesday.

Getting On With It – Part 2

So I did get on a bit of a role after I finished the Catherine Wheel block of my Hook n Learn blanket. As soon as I had fastened them of I moved straight on to part 8, the puff Stitch block.

This block went really quickly as it had no colour changes and was a simple 2 row repeat.

Onwards and upwards. Only 4 more parts (5 more blocks) to go until I can start to assemble! Yay!

Getting On With It

Do you ever start a project then completely forget about it. I must say this is pretty rare for me, as generally speaking I tent to start a project then just keep going til it’s finished. But The Hook ‘n’ Learn blanket (Simply Crochet’s most recent CAL) had been languishin in a box for too long now. So I decided it was time to get back on it.

So out came the yarn and the bag of already completed squares so I could work out where I was at. I had already done 6 parts of the 13 park CAL. So what was part 7. Eurgh… Catherine Wheel Stitch. Suddenly I remembered why this ended up being forgotten. Back when I was following the CAL I saw so many people complain about how difficult it was. And quite frankly I think it’s and ugly Stitch, so it got put off. But if I am ever to complete the blanket I need to get on and do it!

Here they are. I am still not in love with the Stitch – looks almost clown like to me – but it wasn’t as hard as all that – it was actually quite easy! I don’t know what all of the fuss was about. Now onto the next block. Puff Stitch. Hopefully with a bit of luck, I will fly through the rest of the blocks!

Hook 'n' Learn Part 6 – Granny Stitch

I finally got around to catching up with part 6 of the Hook and Learn CAL from Simply Crochet magazine.

This month was granny stitch. 
This stitch was very simple but my god! There were so many ends to sew in! So when I made the second square, I stuck to one colour. It went much quicker! 
Next up, Catherine Wheel Stitch. 

WIP Wednesday (25/07/18)

Hi everyone. 
I have just one WIP to share today and that is my Hook n Learn Cable stitch block. 

It is only 3 short rows from completion but despite recently finding my crochet mojo and wanting to start a million things, on monday I received an invite for a job interview tomorrow, so all of my hobbys have taken a very sudden halt whilst I prep like crazy! Once the interview is complete, I will be straight back to this to finish it up. Then onto something new! 

Hook'n'Learn Part 4 – Spike Stitch

I have to admit I am now a little behind on the Hook N Learn from simply crochet. I have been aiming to complete 1 part a month but last month I didnt manage to finish pat 4 so now I have to do parts 4 and 5 in july. No sweat though – I just finished part 4 yesterday morning. 

This isnt the first time I have done spike stitch so I was fairly confident with it and I think it turned out lovely. 
Next up – Cables… 

WIP Wednesday (04/07/18)

Hello all! Its wednesday again so I guess its tile to share my WIP.
This week I am focussing on getting back up to date with the Hook n Learn blanket. So I am working on part 4 right now. 

This is spike stitch and requres 2 squares. I have been working on them simultaneously.
What have you been up to?

Hook'n'Learn part 3

Hello all! My word am I knackered today! We had the most rediculously heavy rain shower. It was very small in terms of ground covered, but it was really heavy. Like a tropical monsoon. As you know I work at London Victoria station. One minute it was dry. The next minute the station was flooded! It was crazy! We had to shut 4 platforms as well as half of 2 concourses, because it was so treacherous! The roof just couldnt take the pressure it was that heavy! So I spent the last couple of hours running around like a headless chicken trying to manage the flooding in my area and keep the passengers safe. It was mental!

Anyways, just popping in to share with you my completed blocks for the Simply Crochet Hook’n’Learn blanket CAL. This month it was shell stitch. I love shell stitch. It creates such a pretty texture and when using 2 different colours, creates a fabric that looks different depending on what side you view it from. The only downside to this block is the number of ends that need sewing in. The bane of all of our lives!

Here it is plugged into my diagram. I like how it looks so far. I can start to see it all coming together.