Gearing up for Autumn!

I made a thing! A really pretty thing.

Ok, so I know I said I would crochet monogamously on my gift shawls due at the end of August. However I really needed the finished project buzz. I really was uninspired by hundreds and hundreds of SC (seriously, I just had to rip back 3 rows because I made s fatal error when reading the pattern that was unfudgable!

So I pulled out my ball of (Long since discontinued) Debbie Bliss Andes which was gifted to me a good few years ago by a friend in San Francisco, as part of a Christmas swap when I was involved in the Global Square Exchange, which is sadly no longer active.

Anyways, I digress. This is the Hope Earwarmer Pattern by Yarn and Chai, which you can find here. Isn’t it pretty. It uses the same Stitch style as the Nepal Beanie I made recently.

And that yarn is so glossy and silky! I love it! My only issue was how tangled it got half way through. It was really sticky so the fibres kind of matted together in one place. But it’s so gorgeous I think I can forgive that!

The button came from my stash, purchased over 5 years ago. I think it just finished off the project so nicely.

Now back to the shawl!

Ad Lib Earwarmer

Carrying on from the mittens I posted about yesterday, here is another Lion Brand Fishermans Wool project. 
Once I finished the hat and the mittens I still had around 30g of yarn left. I had a good think and decided to make a headband/earwarmer. I dont wear them (frankly I look rediculous in them!) But I have a friend who wears and looks good in them so this would be a nice gift for her. 

I made the pattern up as I went along but it was loosely inspired by the mittens from the previous post.
I hope the recipient likes it!