Autumn Leaves

Hello all! I hope we are all well.

As we all know I love autumn. Unfortunately, no-one seems to have told the weather that it is autumn. The mornings are slightly cooler, but over all, it’s still far too sunny and warm for my liking. Hopefully the leaves will start to turn soon. Until then, I had to make do with dreaming about autumn leaves by hooking up this Autumn Leaves Slouch.

The pattern is from moogly. You can find it here. I have actually made this slouch before – last Christmas I gifted it to a friend.

The yarn is Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK. This hat used just 50m, which was perfect as I had half a ball left from the Column Beanie I made for my fiance some time ago.

The hat is worked with a 5mm for the body and a 3.75mm for the brim. I used a 4mm though for the brim, as I have a large nogin so wanted it a little looser.

Neon Moon

Hello all! Today I am here to share with you my Neon Moon Jumper, which I finished earlier this week.

The pattern is called Sailors Moon Cropped Sweater, by Cre8tion Crochet. You may well remember this pattern, as I have already made one of these jumpers in the past using Noro Haniwa. You can find the blog post here.

The yarn is Blue Moon Fibre Arts Plushy, in colourway Dye Dreamer.

As before, I had to add an extra 5 rows to the bust area before decreasing for the ribbing, else the jumper would have ended before my bust did, which probably wouldn’t have looked great!
Unlike before, I did not have to mess about with sizing. I have lost weight since making the last one, so instead of having to start with xlarge and end with 2XL. I was able to make an XL throughout.

I love how the neon colours pop against the darker grey.
And I love how the yarn makes its own zig zag patterns in some places.

This jumper will be a lovely reminder of my time spent in San Francisco. Yes the yarn is from Oregon but I purchased it on my birthday in San Francisco, and wandering around Bethnal Green yesterday taking these photographs reminded me of all the insane street art we saw in the Mission.

My Kindred Spirit

Today was a lovely sunny day. Probably the first of the year we could spend together, so Chris’ took me to the local bird sanctuary (only 15 minutes walk from my home but I had never gotten around to visiting) and of course, my bag of finished objects came with me to get their moment in the sun.
We saw lots of lovely geese and ducks and many other birds that were much harder to photograph but here are some I did manage.
Some very friendly greylag geese.

Canada geese.

And I especially loved the Egyptian Geese, who had a little pair of baby geese in tow.

They were so little and fluffy!
It’s a wonderful little park which I must go back to later in the year, It also plays host to a butterfly garden (which had no butterflies in it since the flowers were yet to bloom) some bats (I love bats but you have to visit at a certain time to see them) and many species of bird which I expect have yet to migrate back to us)
Anyways, it’s about time I shared my Kindred Spirit Scarf.

The pattern is by CJ Brady. The yarn is Abstract Cat Superwash Merino in colour way Joie De Vivre.

I am really happy with how this scarf turned out.

I had originally thought I would have to reduce it in length by a few rows but actually ended up adding an extra 2 pattern repeats to use up all of the yarn so it’s actually longer than anticipated. I love it.
I especially love how the picots are worked as you go along, as it means you don’t have to add an edging separately. I have never done a CJ Brady pattern before but this one is so lovely, I think I might do some more!

A complete Llama

Yahooooo! I completed the Loot Llama! And in the nick of time. 

I finished the bulk last night, so took some photos. 

At this point I was just missing the saddle bag and tail. So as I took the train down to visit my nan today I furiously crocheted away. I crocheted on the train, I crocheted in standing in the station car park, I crocheted in my nans car, and I crocheted at my nans house. Finally, I managed to crochet and assemble the saddle bad and tail and fix them to the main body. 

I love it but my word it was close to the wire. So many small parts to sew together! It seems not to matter if I start crocheting in July or december, I still seem to finish in the eleventh hour – my partner has a good explination though – he reckons its because starting early means you are more ambitious, and I think that is very true this year of me. Oh well – at least I had fun!
And because its christmas, I thought you may enjoy some pictures of my cat photobombing my photo shoot!

Hand Made Wash Cloths

Hello all. You will have already seen these wash cloths if you saw my end of January post. I got very annoyed when I couldn’t find any flannels in my local shops, so I decided to make my own. Well finally, I am here to share the patterns with you!

Th first is this star stitch flannel. You can find the pattern here.

The second is this cluster stitch face scrubbie. You can find the pattern here.

The third is this bobble stitch scrubbie. You can find it here.