Beckenham Flower Show – Year 2

Hello all! Today I have been out and about at Beckenham Park Place Flower Show, for its second year. You may remember last year that I entered the Craft Flower category. And I won both my category and also Best in Show. (You can read about it here).

Of course it would be rude not to enter again this year wouldn’t it. I am all for supporting community events, and I have to defend my title don’t I. So this year I made this:

A lovely bunch of Tulips. And I crocheted the Vase cover too. All with Rico Ricorumi yarn.


ow, I would say I won. I certainly got the first place Rosette. But unfortunately, I was the only entrant. I was a little sad about this as it really isn’t winning if you had no competitors. So instead of a Win, I am considering it a simple ‘Thanks for supporting our community event’. I suppose the thing is, community events take a while to Blossom, so these first few years can be a little slow. But hopefully over the next few years, more people will enter and get involved. Regardless, I am really proud of my entry. It got lots of praise from people viewing it, so that’s a bonus.

And a bonus for you, is that I wrote down the pattern I made up for these tulips! So keep your eyes peeled for my pattern releasing some time next week, providing I can find enough time to sit down and type it out!

WIP Wednesday (19/06/19)

Good afternoon! How is your week going. I hope it’s been productive. Mine certainly has.

I am almost finished with the main part of my Blooming Crocus top. I have just 3 inches left to go which I estimate to be 2 more pattern repeats (although I may add another 3 inches just to be sure since I love my shirts to be longer). Then it will be time to split for the arms.

I finally got started on my OFAPUK donation for June. I have 3 and a half heads and 2 sets of tentacles. I will just keep going until this ball is used up.

And I have been working on this year’s entry into Beckenham Place Park Flower Show, which is on the 30th of June. Last year I won, both in my category and a special best in show rosette. So of course I have to defend my win this year. I have just 2 more large petals to complete then it’s onto the leafs and assembly. I hope to have the flowers compete by the weekend. But of course, I won’t be able to show you too much as it is blind judged, so you will get the full picture after the event.

Award Winning…

Hello all! I am very excited to tell you all that as of Saturday of last week, I am now an ‘Award Winning’ crocheter! Isnt that exciting! 
Ok so Its not the biggest award, but it is exciting all the same. 

I entered this bouquet of flowers into Beckenham Place Park’s first ever flower show. Fun Fact, Beckenham Place Park used to have a flower show that rivalled the famous Chelsea flower show back in the victorian era. 
This new event is created in the same vain as a traditional english county show, complete with a marquee and judges and a whole host of categories for flowers, veg and fruit and crafts. There was also a little dog show, with categories like dog with the waggiest tail and dog that looks most like its owner. 
Anyways, as I have to give myself a kick up the bum to start experimenting with crafted flowers (I am planning to make my own wedding bouquets shortly) this was the perfect way to impose a deadline upon myself! 
Here are a few close ups of my flowers.

Now for patterns – in order of the close ups. 
The roses were made using this pattern from Happy Berry Crochet. I modified it slightly with the amount of petals used. For a bit of variety instead of making all 3 roses with 6 petals, I made one with 4, one with 6 and one with 8. This gave a sense of growth as it gave you roses at different stages of their bloom. 
The purple flowers with the button in the middle were made using a set of dies that I got in the started kit for my Sizzix Big Shot die cutter. 
The african violets were made using a die I received on the front of a magazine.
The crysanthemum was made by following this tutorial from Melly Sews.
The Purple crocheted flowers with the button center were made by following someones pattern and just modifying the number of petals but for the life of me I can no longer find that pattern. I will update this post as soon as I find it.
And the little white daisys were just a quick made up thing at the last minute, where I chained 3, dc 3 ch 3 then Ss 4 times into a magic circle. 
The great news is that I won!

Amd not only did I win my particular category, I won a best in overall craft category. How exciting. That came with a meal for 2 at a local resteraunt and a signed book from a local writer too. 

Here I am looking pleased as punch as ai left the park. I was very proud of my rosettes – the first time I have ever won a rosette in my life!
So there we are – I am now the bar setter. Next year I shall habe to come back with something even shinier! Watch this space!