So the Wedding Prep Begins

We have had our wedding venue booked since September of last year, but now we are coming up to a year til the big day, we have started the ball rolling a bit more.

Our wedding was always going to be a very homemade affair – we want to steer clear of the wedding industry lark wherever possible. We are utilising the skills and talents of the people around us. And as part of that I really wanted to get all of the crafty people I know involved, so I have decided to create a patchwork of bunting – from all different crafts! So over the last few weekends I have been playing about with different crafts (paper craft, painting, stenciling, tiedye, sewing etc.) to make a sort of inspiration board/mock up so that I can explain better what I would like from my guests. By creating a large example pool I hope to give them confidence in their own crafting efforts.

You see, it would be lovely to be surrounded by the creative efforts of as many people as possible, since to me craft is love and care. So I will ask my guests, when I send out my save the dates, if they would like to get involved by making some bunting flags.

Anyways, the reason I am telling you this is so I can show you this collection of flags I made, to add some crochet to the bunting (in the hopes of inspiring my friends who crochet).

Some of them I made up as I went along, some of them were made following a pattern and some of them are somewhere in between. All of them used scrap yarn. (another ethos we are trying to plan our wedding by is to upcycle/re-use wherever possible, so using stash materials is preferable to buying new materials).