Wanderlust Scarf

You may remember a few days back I shared a Wanderlust Hat with you, in the most gorgeous shade of red. Well, today I am sharing with you the matching scarf which I have just finished making.

You can find the free pattern here. 
Its so snuggly and warm (and surprisingly light). I love the colour combo too. I hope the recipient loves it! Now onto the next gift. 5 gifts to go! 

Another Wanderlust

Popping in to share with you another finished object. 

This hat will form part of a christmas gift for a friend. 

Again, this is the Wanderlust Beanie, a free pattern by Kirsten Holloway. You can find it here

This time I have used Drops Air. This yarn is seriously crazy and I reccomend you try it! It is an Aran weight yarn, but it is significantly lighter than other Aran Yarns. (About 30-35% lighter according to the product description). As such, unlike most Arans, where you will get around 75 to 100 meters per 50g, With this yarn you get 150 meters! I rechon it would make a super cosy jumper for not very much money! 

My Hotel of Bees

Wow! I never thought it possible to fall in love with a pattern but my word, this is just beautiful! This pattern is so beautifully written, so beautifully designed. It is gorgeous! I want to make a million if them. Honestly you should all try it out. It is wonderful. 

I made this shawl using Drops Merino Extra Fine. I chose these yarns as they were already in my stash. I bought them some time ago in a sale because I liked the colours but I didnt have any plans for it. I did have to purchase another 2 balls. I needed 3 grey 3 purple and 1 pistachio but I had 4 grey 2 purple and 2 pisatachio. I bought 2 extra purple such that when complete I would have 1 of each ball left over for another project. 

Here are some close ups of each section. 
The wings.
The openwork honeycomb.
The bees.
And the filet honeycombs/flowers. 
Honestly I think I will never take this shawl off! And I already bought more yarn to make one for my step-mother in law for christmas. 

Paris Wash Sets

Hi all! 
Do you remember, I mentioned my plans to make a big pile of crochet washcloths and facepads to gift at christmas? Well today I am popping in to share with you my first pair of wash sets.
Made out of a couple of half balls of drops paris that I had lying about the place, I made this pair of flanels.

And this set of makeup pads.

I love the colour combos. And they are loely and soft so should feel lovely on the skin. 
The flanels were made with a simple c2c stitch. The facepads were made using a standard crocheted circle with a 36 stitch circumference, comlleted with a round of ss, ch 3, skip a stitch and ss into the next. 
Keep your eyes peeled for my bext facepads, which will come with a full pattern. 

Its Done! Yahoooooo!

I have been working on this project since september last year. It kept being put to the side as deadlines for other projects loomed. You have heard me say “I hope to finish by” so many times over the weeks and months since I started, But I can now finally say, ITS DONE! *Does a happy dance*.

My Sunny Granny Jumper is done!

I am very very pleased with it.

I made it up as I went along to my specific (quite chunky) measurements, so I cant provide a pattern. But I can describe how I did it.

The first step was to take measurements. Now I know the photo would suggest I am potato shaped, I am in fact an hour glass so it didnt matter for me wether I used my hip or bust measurements. If you are a pear or triangle then you would take the larger of the 2 measurements (since this is a sort of baggy 80’s style jumper).
I took my chest measurement (116 cm), then halfed it (58 cm). I created two granny squares that were slightly larger than this (62 cm) then stitched them together into a tube using the flat zipper method.
I then kept adding rows to each side of the tube along the top of the granny squares until I had two flaps that were long enough to meet just above my shoulder. Along the top corners I sewed the flaps together to create a vest.
To create the sleeves, I first single crocheted around the arm holes to create a base row, then just continued with straight rounds until the sleeves were just below my elbow. Now I added the trim.
To do this, I simply dropped a hook size and did a couple of rounds around the neckline, cuffs and bottom of the jumper in linen stitch, until I was happy with how it looked.
I really love the colours! So warm and sunny – a stark contrast to the cold snowyness of today!
Its made in Drops Paris amd took almost 200 yards of yarn (almost 25 balls!)

WIP Wednesday (07/03/18)

And blimey its already March!
I havent managed any more of my knitted scarf.
I have however, managed to finish up the buly of my jumper. I just need to do the blue accents then It will be done!

And I have been working on these little bits of octos whilst travelling (since the jumper is now just a bit unweildy to work with in public now).

And I played 2 games of yarn chicken and won this week!

This first one was perhaps a cheat – I knew I wouldnt make the whole 4 tentacles so skipped 2 to finish it at least symetrically. That way I can add 2 tentacles in other colours.

But this one really was a nail biter. Look how close I came to running out!
What have you been up to this week?