My Hook N Learn Blanket

Wahooooooooo! Can there even be something more satisfying than finally finishing a blanket? This seemed to take forever but it’s done it’s done it’s done! Wahoooooo!

This is the Hook N Learn Blanket, which was published as a CAL across 13 issues of Simply Crochet Mag. They rlesed specific colour places in both Schepjes Stone Washed and Schepjes Colour Crafter, but I decided to use up tevremaining yarn from the Last Dance on the Beach blanket that I mad my Fiance for Christmas 2017, woh the addition of some turquoise and teal.

Now as you can see from the pic at the top, this blanket is far from perfect! Clearly my tension was miles off, with some squares far too small an some far too big, so it’s wibbley and wonky but it’s mine and I love it! I makes a really lovely little lap blanket.

And of course, the main thing is that Max approves. Lord knows she gets excited when there is a new handmade blanket to roll about in a knead.

Getting On With It – Part 2

So I did get on a bit of a role after I finished the Catherine Wheel block of my Hook n Learn blanket. As soon as I had fastened them of I moved straight on to part 8, the puff Stitch block.

This block went really quickly as it had no colour changes and was a simple 2 row repeat.

Onwards and upwards. Only 4 more parts (5 more blocks) to go until I can start to assemble! Yay!

Getting On With It

Do you ever start a project then completely forget about it. I must say this is pretty rare for me, as generally speaking I tent to start a project then just keep going til it’s finished. But The Hook ‘n’ Learn blanket (Simply Crochet’s most recent CAL) had been languishin in a box for too long now. So I decided it was time to get back on it.

So out came the yarn and the bag of already completed squares so I could work out where I was at. I had already done 6 parts of the 13 park CAL. So what was part 7. Eurgh… Catherine Wheel Stitch. Suddenly I remembered why this ended up being forgotten. Back when I was following the CAL I saw so many people complain about how difficult it was. And quite frankly I think it’s and ugly Stitch, so it got put off. But if I am ever to complete the blanket I need to get on and do it!

Here they are. I am still not in love with the Stitch – looks almost clown like to me – but it wasn’t as hard as all that – it was actually quite easy! I don’t know what all of the fuss was about. Now onto the next block. Puff Stitch. Hopefully with a bit of luck, I will fly through the rest of the blocks!

Yarn Review – Scheepjes Colour Crafter

Name: Scheepjes Colour Crafter
Price: Between £1.99 and £2.39
Ball Weight: 100g
Yarn Weight: DK
Yardage: 328 Yards
Fibre Blend: 100% Acrylic
You can find my project using this yarn here. I am also working on a CAL using this yarn now. Here are my first 2 months work, here and here

What Are the Yarns Benefits
This yarn is so soft. I mean mega soft. So unbelievably soft which you would not expect from an acrylic yarn. It makes the warmest, snuggest blankets ever. 
It comes in so many beautiful colours – almost 100 shades in every colour imaginable. A veritable rainbow! And it is such good value for money – at only £1.99 you can use it to make all sorts of items for little cost. Once I have got through some of my enormous stash I may grab some more of this yarn to make a brightly coloured cardigan. 
It is lovely and smooth . It glides over the hook so smoothly and is lovely and soft in your hands. And for an acrylic, it also has wonderful stitch definition. 
What Are Its Drawbacks
The only slight issue I had was a minor amount of piling. When exposed to friction it does fuzz up a little – this was a particular problem for me when I would a centre pull ball too tightly and ended up a big tangled mess. So my advice would be to relax the tension a bit if you choose to wind it into a centre pull. 
My Rating
Versatility (does it have multiple uses?) – 8/10
Wearability (how comfortable is it to wear) – 9/10
Workability (how nice is it to work with?) – 9/10
Final Score – 26/30

Hook n Learn part 2 – Waffle Stitch

Just popping in today to share my finished squares for part 2 of the Hook n Learn blanket from Simply Crochet Magazine.

Arent they pretty. Obviously they aren’t blocked yet. I will do that later. I am already farmilliar with waffle stitch as I used it in my Last Dance on the Beach blanket. Its such a nice stitch as it gives a lovely thick and textured fabric.
I recently found an (admittedly poor resolution) picture of the finished Colour Crafter blanket (they look different depending on the yarn you choose as they are laid out differently). I am going to use this to inform my colour choices.

I have made a little diagram to help me decide on colour placement.

Here are my squares so far added to the diagram.

I love these colours together. I cant wait to make more!

Hook N Learn CAL part 1

Just popping in to share with you my first block for my Hook n Learn CAL.

I have never used block stitch before. I quote enjoyed it. I had many thoughts about how I could use it in the future. I kept thinking about a grey cowl with a rainbow of sc rows in between.
For part 2, its waffle time!

WIP Wednesday (21/03/18)

Now I have finished my jumpers and completed and sent my March bunch of jellys and octos, I have just 2 WIP’s left.
The first is my knitted scarf, which, despite my best efforts, is no further along. I have lost the rest of my wool. I stashed it somewhere as my cat kept trying to eat it but for the life of me I cant find it now!
The other is a New WIP. The first square of my Hook ‘n’ Learn blanket from Simply Crochet Magazine. Block Stitch. It is turning out lovely, and I am reminded one more how lovely and soft Scheepjes Colour Crafter is, despite being a budget acrylic yarn.

Another CAL (lord help me)

So as we have seen, I am pretty rubbish at being organised with CALs. I mean, the Last dance on the beach took me forever and the Pick and Mix blanket still hasnt been started but I feel optomistic with this one.

Isnt it a beauty? Its called the Hook and Learn blanket.
The idea is that it uses 12 different stitches in different blocks so is a real sampler blanket.
Anyways, I got my inspiration whilst I was cuddled up on the sofa surrounded by crocheted blankets reading my copy of Simply Crochet Magazine. There are 2 yarn choices shown on the page – one in Scheepjes River Washed and one in Colour Crafter. And then I remembered I had loads of colour crafter left from my Last Dance on the Beach blanket. 5 and a half balls worth to be precise.

Its only a 9 ball blanket all told so I would only need to do a top up shop for supplys. This could be a great way to use it all up and to enjoy making amother blanket without much more financial outlay! One of the things I really enjoyed about my last CAL was learning so many new stitches! So off I trundled to wool warehouse and picked up 4 more balls. This is what I got. (The 4 at the top)

I love purple but dont want it to be exactly the same colour as my Last Dance blanket. So I added some teals and turquoises to the mix.

Dont they look lovely together? I cant wait to see how it works out. And hey, maybe I will even keep up with this CAL for a change!

(FINALLY) My Last Dance on the Beach

I finished it! I bloody well finished it. My first ever adult sized blanket made solely on my own. Yes, I meant it to be finished by christmas and yes I had to gift it on christmas morning with an IOU of completion but I finished. I am so proud of myself!

Above you can see how it looks when it is fully spread out. Below are some close ups. 

And, of course, some of my cat doing her very best to get in the way of my photos. 

The little bugger! Its almost as if she feels photographs are made for her to show off how beautiful she is, and like she has a duty to put herself in all my pictures!
Anyways, for some reflections on this project. 
My first observation, back when I started this project, saw how lovely and squashy the Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn is! Boy is it soft. But it is also very sticky – we ended up in a terrible pickle where the yarn had stuch together and got tangled and took 3 experienced yarnies to even partially rescue. That was fun…
I really loved this project though. I feel like it would be perfect to learn new skills, kinda like a sampler. I learnt many new stitches during this project that will definately become part of my regular repetoir. 
I only had two small issues with this project. The first was totally my own fault born out of a pain in the arse coulour choice. The dark purple squares gave me headaches as I was straining so much to see the stitches. 
The other issue was with the wavy square. I just couldnt follow the pattern. All the slip stitching proved too difficult for me so I ended up winging my way to something that vaguely resembled the original design. 
Over all though, I am absolutely in love with thos blanket. And my fiance loves it too – in fact, he is barely seen at home without it draped across him or wrapped around him. And of coudse, the cat loves to snuggle up in it too.