My 90 Degrees Cowl

Another finished object? 3 in a week is virtually unheard of with me but yarndale is coming and I want as much space as possible to store all of my new yarn so I have been crocheting like a bat out of hell!This is my 90 Degrees Cowl by Addydae Designs.I used the leftover yarn from my Doris Shawl (which you can take a look at here). It is Truly Hooked Standard Sock, in colourway Alter Ego and Delirium. I love the subtle stripes created by the 2 different yarns.It’s so squashy and comfy! I would definitely recommend it. If I made it again though, I would probably go down a hook size for the foundation chain as it does flare out a little and the bottom edge is a bit wobbly!Now let’s see what other things I can finish this week!

Autumn Garden Hat

Hello all! Happy autumn! I have been on a roll this weekend for finishing projects. I have finished both of my brioche projects – the cowl is currently on the blocking board but the hat is ready to share! So here it is!

The pattern is the Garden Grows Hat by Tara Murray of Mamachee. You can find more info here.

The purple yarn is Nua (colourway Figment) by Stolen Stitches and the orange yarn is Yan Sock (colourway Fire eater) by Sylvan Tiger Yarn. I was gifted both of these skeins last Christmas by my parents. My mum told me when I opened it that the lady who was running the yarn shop she bought it from got all excited about the colour combo thinking they would look lovely together. Because of this I aways had the idea to put them together, but until I found this pattern I didn’t know how.

I love it! It’s so squashy and soft and lovely. Brioche makes lovely warm garments.

WIP Wednesday (04/09/19)

Hello all! I hope you are well and you are having a productive week!

I have 3 projects on the hooks this week.

First is another ted for the Yarndale creative community project.

I started on a Brioche Hat using some yarn my mum and dad gave me for christmas.

And then also a brioche cowl. The hat is a little complicated for travel (the sort of pattern where you have to check the pattern every row) so to satisfy my love of brioche I started the cowl as my travel project, with the hat being my home project.

Yes I lost control a little! I have had to be a little monogamous recently in order to get my bridesmaids gifts ready, but now they are done I couldn’t wait to start multiple projects!

My Esja Sweater

And so it is – we have reached the end of 2018, but not before I share one more project with you. 

This morning I finally finished my Esja sweater. 

Isnt it a beauty? This is the Esja Sweater (You can purchase the pattern here), by Tatsiana, of Lillia Bjorn Crochet.  It uses Linen stitch and Brioche crochet and its is just gorgeous. 

The Brioche does initially look a little difficult but actually it couldnt be easier and creates a wonderful squishy fabric. As long as you know how to do double crochets and chains then you know everything you need to know. 

I really would reccomend this pattern – it is really well written and has pages of photographs to help explain some of the more tricky bits. And the good news is that Tatsiana is hoping to create more icelandic style jumpers! I for one, will definately be keeping an eye out in the future.

Have a wonderful new year everyone! 

WIP Wednesday (26/12/18)

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas full of love and laughter. Its Boxing day now, and its the last WIP wednesday of the year! 

I am crocheting monogomously at the moment – now all of the gifts are finished I am determined to complete my Esja sweater by new year. I have added a good 4 inches since I last shared it with you, but we are now at the boring bit which just goes round and round and round until its long enough. Then onto the sleeves. It currently sits an inch below my bust so I reckon I need another 12 inches at least – but I am on night shifts for the next 7 nights so at least I will have plenty of time to do it! 

Before that though, its time for the best bit of boxing day – my signature leftover pie! Have a lovely day everyone!

A New Project, a New Concept and a New Technique

Oooh I may have bitten off more than I can chew here. But I am going to give it my best shot. 
Flash back to the weekend. I was idly scrolling through social media when I come across the most lovely jumper on the Black Sheep Wool page. It looked lovely but also looked Knitted so I almost scrolled past it. My eyes glanced quickly over the text and I was very excited when I read it was crocheted. I showed it to my Fiance and he too thought it was Knit. 
It is the Esja Sweater (You can purchase the pattern here), by Tatsiana, of Lillia Bjorn Crochet. A designer I had heard of but never really exolored. I warn you though, click on the link and you may too be in love! 
 I clicked the link that Black Sheep Wool had put in their post to Tatsiana’s blog and was delighted to see she was running a MAL. I have never participated in a Make Along before, so this was new to me but I think it will be great to keep me on track. The make along started yesterday on Tatsianas social media group and will run weekly for a month. All the details can be found here
This pattern also has a new technique for me. I have worked with Linen Stitch and I love it. But i have never done Brioche Crochet before. So this should be a learning curve. 

Down to the yarn. I stuck to the suggested yarn, which is Scheepjes Our Tribe. I chose Silver Birch for the brioche design and The Boy and The Bunting for the body. I cant wait to share this jumper with you and hope to be able to wear it at christmas to impress my family!