A Realization

Do you stick go one project at a time or do you work on loads of projects at once. Do you craft for the process or the finished object. I never thought I had a preference. That was until now.

I have recently been working on a few long winded projects. A shirt, a shawl consisting of 24 mini skeins, and some squares for a blanket that I am not enjoying (the squares not the blanket). And I have felt really bored. Not because I am not enjoying the crochet but because I feel like I am miles away from finishing anything. That’s when I realised I am probably a finished product crafter – I like to feel like I am productive, so finishing things really makes me happy.

So with that in mind, out came some Aran yarn and a quick project to satisfy my itch to finish something quickly.

This is the Ribbed Granny Stitch Cowl by Alexandra Richards, I used the leftover Blue Moon Fibre Arts Plushy yarn from my Cropped Granny Jumper.

I love the way you can tuck it into your jacket – sometimes scarfs can be really bulky but this eliminated the bulk whilst keeping your neck warm.

Horizon Fingerless Gloves

Hello all! I appear to be on a role at the moment, as I have just finished another project.

This time it is the Horizon Fingerless Gloves, by Little Golden Nook. Seriously, if you are looking for a quick and satisfying project, this is it!

I used the leftover yarn from my Colour Block Jumper, which you can read about here. WYS The Croft in colourways Stonybreck, Melby and Norwick. They are so cosy. Today it is very rainy and windy out, so a cup of tea and some snuggly mittens is just what is needed.

I did have to adjust the pattern slightly, as I have larger hands than your average lady. So I added 2 extra rows in the cuff section which allowed me to add an extra bobble Stitch to the bobble section. When I came to the part where I made the thumb hole, I chained 6 and skipped 6, instead of the 4 the pattern required.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I love them. I can’t wait for autumn to roll around so I can enjoy them more!

And She is Done!

I finished the sweater! So I am popping in to share it with you.

I figured since I am going to call this my NWR Jumper (I started it whilst on a Network Rail training course, and completely coincidentally I made it in network rail company colours), I thought I should take some Railway related photos! Luckily, I had to take the train to a beer festival yesterday so it presented the perfect opportunity for a few photos.

Here I am with a beer.
The weather was crazy yesterday. One minute it was sunny.

And the next minute it was tipping Buckets!

But we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

The pattern was published in Issue 82 of Simply Crochet Magazine and of designed by Fran Morgan.
I altered the pattern slightly, mostly unintentionally.
I failed to see that the work needed to be turned at the end of each round so I worked it in the round instead until I got to the blue part.
I like a longer jumper so I added a few extra cm to the length measurements given in the pattern.
The sleeves are supposed to to increase gradually for the entire length of the sleeve. I misread the pattern though so did the orange and speckled section of each sleeve before I realised so I had to squash all of the increases into a shorter space. (I don’t frog!).

The end is WYS The Croft in colourway Melby, Norwick and Stonybreck.
I am totally in love with this jumper. I would highly recommend it.

Another Wanderlust

Popping in to share with you another finished object. 

This hat will form part of a christmas gift for a friend. 

Again, this is the Wanderlust Beanie, a free pattern by Kirsten Holloway. You can find it here

This time I have used Drops Air. This yarn is seriously crazy and I reccomend you try it! It is an Aran weight yarn, but it is significantly lighter than other Aran Yarns. (About 30-35% lighter according to the product description). As such, unlike most Arans, where you will get around 75 to 100 meters per 50g, With this yarn you get 150 meters! I rechon it would make a super cosy jumper for not very much money! 


Hello all! Another finished project to share. This time its another beanie and another object for the gift pile. I am feeling really pleased with myself on the Christmas Craft front this year. So far I have completed 13 presents. I have another 2 in progress right now, and just 7 more to go after that. So I think I am on track! Yahooooo!

This is the Wanderlust Beanie, a free pattern by Kirsten Holloway. You can find it here. Mine is crocheted in Lion Brand Fishermans Wool. Seriously I would reccoment this wool for gift making – I still have enough left to make some mittens too from just 1 skein (my skein is 170g as sold by wool warehouse).
I love the texture created by the backloops and the alternating back and front posts.

In terms of modifications, I made just 1, which was unintentional. At the point in the pattern where it tells you to repeat rows 7 to 11 once more, I read repeat row 7 to 14, but since the recipient likes slouchy hats I decided to just leave the extra 3 rows in before the brim instructions.