Prickly Pear Cactus Ami

A quick project to share with you today.

I made this Ami on the train to Whitstable on Saturday. On a whim I decided I wanted to make a little something extra to go with the wine and chocolates we bought my future father and step mother in law for their birthday. As it is it took a little longer than the train journey so we stopped at a little indi tea room for cake and tea and a bit of ami assembly. Here I am working away – my fiance took this photo and he really likes it. 

As it was a spur of the moment project, I cobbled it together with whatever yarns I could find. So the green was Drops Paris, the yellow is Scheepjes Catona and the brown was Wendy Ramsdale. 
I am pleased to report that the recipients loved their new cactus. 

Pachimari Practice

I recently saw that Stylecraft were looking for sample makers, particularly those who are interested in amigrumi, to help them make samples for photo shoots. Well obviously I was interested so I sent off for details and to register my interest. 
I have been advised I will be required to send in some examples of my work which will be returned upon inspection. Well since I have started my gift pile early I have some hats and such that I can send, but I didnt have any amigrumi to hand since it all ends up being gifted, so I had a sit down and a think about what Ami Projects I have been thinking about doing recently, and this is what I decided to make. A Pachimari. 

For those of you who dont know, a Pachimari is a half onion half octopus monster which features in mine and my fiance’s favourite video game, Overwatch. It is supposed to looks like this.
Now, I appreciate that its not entirely accurate but considering I made it up as I went along I think I did a good job. And the main thing is that it demonstrated my Amigrumi Skills quite nicely. Also, My Fiance was very pleased with it when I gave it to him on his return from Berlin. 

A Beautiful Day for a Wedding 

Last week I had the most wonderful day celebrating the marriage of one of my lovely friends, Helen and her wonderful new Husband, William. We celebrated at The Orangery, just outside of Maidstone which was simply stunning.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner of roast chicken and most scrumptious trio of desserts – chocolate brownie, lemon tart and creme brulee. I drunk rather a lot of wine and beer and had a good old dance to some 90’s disco classics. It was lovely. Of course, the best part was seeing someone that means so much to me so happy. I was in tears during the first dance as I thought back to the Hen Do and remembered her telling me ‘she didn’t regret anything in her life because she had found her perfect guy’. It was all so lovely.
And now it is over, I can finally show of the gift I made for them.

Arent they sweet! Here is a close up of the faces.

And if you thought they couldn’t get and sweeter, here they are from the back.

I am glad to report that the bride and groom loved them. The professional photographer took a lovely photograph of them holding their gift, so, providing they will permit it, I will share that with you when It becomes available.
I made it up as I went along. I was sure I had seen a pattern for something like this on pinterest a good long while ago, bus as is often the case with pinterest, things can get lost forever and no amount of searching seemed to bring it back to me. So I had to use my knowledge of amigrumi to work it out for myself.
I weighed the down by stuffing the body with a balloon filled with rice. This allowed them to stand much firmer on their own.
I was so glad to see their expression when they opened it. It made the work I put in totally worthwhile. I hope they will treasure them for years to come.

#Octopledge2018 Aprils Donations

This month, I only managed 2 Octopusses and 1 Flattie.

All three were made using a single ball of King Cole Cotton Giza Sorbet. 
The Octopus on the Left went to a Preemie.
The Octopus on the Right went to an Angel as the tentavles were too short.
The flattie went to am Angel as it had 1 tentacle too long.
I am pleased with this outcome. I struggled with this yarn (I am not a fan of 4ply yarn) and was sure there would be holes. So the fact that it is only the tentacle length that is a problem is great. 

#Octopledge2018 Mid April Update

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day. I have been crocheting and catching up on Star Trek Discovery. Good times!
Anyways, it is mid month so it is time for an update on my Octo making efforts.

So far this month, I have only managed 1 little octo chum. My carpel tunnel syndrome put a stop to octo making for a week or so, then I came down with a rotten cold. Then when I finally got close to beating the cold my fiancee also came down with a cold. You cant make octo’s when there is sickness in the house because its not worth the risk to the teeny tiny preemie babies, so my octo making gear went into quarantine until Mr Common Cold virus had well and truly left our home.
This octo is made using 11g of King Cole Giza Cotton Sorbet.
I must say, whilst being quite pretty, this 4ply is very fiddly to work with. A 2mm hook is quite hard to hold too. I habe a fair bit of 4ply to get through but maybe after I have worked through it all I will stick to DK or heavier!

#Octopledge2018 Mid February Update

This is my progress so far for this months donations to Octopus For a Preemie UK.
I have actually hidden them away for now because they are so bloody addictive that I was neglecting my other WIP’s as well as my other hobbies!
The first I made was the smaller purple one. Then the larger purple one. I was very surprised when making the heads what a difference hook size can make.

Both of these heads were made using exactly the same pattern and exactly the same yarn (Ice Jeans incase you were wondering). The only difference is that the one on the left was made using a 2mm hook amd the one on the right was made using a 2.5. Just 0.5mm of a difference and such different sizes – really makes you think. How many times have we chosen to go up or down half a size because we cant find the correct hook. Who knew it could make such a difference. Perhaps in the future I best be more accurate with my hooks.
Amyways, I hope to make 1 or two more by the end of the month, but that will depend on how I go with my other WIPs. Wish me luck.