WIP Wednesday (10/01/18)

Another Wednesday another set of WIP’s. 
Having finished the wreath I now have only 2 projects lingering from last year. (I hope I can finish them soon). I have made no more progress on the star stitch scarf. I have however now completed the body of the jumper. I need to add the bit up to the collar and the sleeves then it is complete. 

Now I know I promised I would finish all my 2017 WIP’s before starting anything new, but I really had the urge to make something out of my paprika coloured Hug It Out yarn from Hobbycraft. So I pulled out the knitting needles. I have done … rows so far. I think it will be a scarf thing. I may make a matching hat with any leftover yarn, but that will be crocheted as It will be some time before I can knit in the round. 

I also started and sort of finished another new project. Here is a sneak preview, I just have to finish one more part then I will be ready to publish patterns and such. 

How about you? What have you been making this week. 

(Belated) Christmas Crafting…

Ok. So I know christmas is over. But in true ‘ME’ style, I am once again behind. I had really hoped to get this finished in time to display for christmas (as well as some of the items from this range published in simply crochet issue 50) but the Last Dance on the Beach blanket really took over my life in November and December. So I only just got around to finishing it. 
I know. Its late. In fact so late that I finished it the same day we took all the decorations down… (on sunday). Now I could have left it lingering but I really need to try to keep on top of my projects. So I cracked on anyways. And here it is!

And here are a few detail shots. 

Over all I am quite pleased with it. It turned out really cute. 
It is slightly different to the original. 
For one, I didnt stick to the yarn guide – the pattern suggested using Scheepjes Catona for the brown white and red colours but then Scheepjes Sunkissed for the rest. This seemed quite illogical to me, so I chose to pick simmilar colours in Catona instead. 
The other difference is due to my own sillyness. I didnt bother to double check the pattern before buying the polystyrene base, so had to modify the initial panel to go around a base that was 5cm larger in diameter. It took a lot of manipulating but I managed it eventually. 
I must say though, I absolutely adore the little candy canes – arent they just lovely! This particular shade of Catona (Poppy Red) is just so festive! 
I cant wait to crack on with more in this range. Hopefully this year I can keep on top of my christmas crafting…

(FINALLY) My Last Dance on the Beach

I finished it! I bloody well finished it. My first ever adult sized blanket made solely on my own. Yes, I meant it to be finished by christmas and yes I had to gift it on christmas morning with an IOU of completion but I finished. I am so proud of myself!

Above you can see how it looks when it is fully spread out. Below are some close ups. 

And, of course, some of my cat doing her very best to get in the way of my photos. 

The little bugger! Its almost as if she feels photographs are made for her to show off how beautiful she is, and like she has a duty to put herself in all my pictures!
Anyways, for some reflections on this project. 
My first observation, back when I started this project, saw how lovely and squashy the Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn is! Boy is it soft. But it is also very sticky – we ended up in a terrible pickle where the yarn had stuch together and got tangled and took 3 experienced yarnies to even partially rescue. That was fun…
I really loved this project though. I feel like it would be perfect to learn new skills, kinda like a sampler. I learnt many new stitches during this project that will definately become part of my regular repetoir. 
I only had two small issues with this project. The first was totally my own fault born out of a pain in the arse coulour choice. The dark purple squares gave me headaches as I was straining so much to see the stitches. 
The other issue was with the wavy square. I just couldnt follow the pattern. All the slip stitching proved too difficult for me so I ended up winging my way to something that vaguely resembled the original design. 
Over all though, I am absolutely in love with thos blanket. And my fiance loves it too – in fact, he is barely seen at home without it draped across him or wrapped around him. And of coudse, the cat loves to snuggle up in it too. 

WIP Wednesday (03/01/18)

Good afternoon! I know a lot of stuff you find at this time of year is about the new. And whilst I do indeed have many ideas inside my head, I am endeavouring to complete old projects first. So this is my current list of WIP’s. You will probably recognise them all!

First and with the most progress is my sunny yellow jumper. I have now completed both the front and back panels. I just have to stitch them together and turn the tube into an actual wearable item.

I have to finish this wreath. Yes I know christmas is over but I cant very well leave it until next christmas!

I have made most of the little decorative bits. I just need to do 3 more tiny doors and 3 more sets of windows before I can assemble.
And finally I have to finish this chunky star stitch scarf.

2018 Had Arrived…

I must say, I am not starting it in the greatest style – I am working the night shift this week and I am in a load of pain (more than normal). I always suffer from back pain, but the other day I made it worse by falling down the stairs – now I have pain and stiffness in my hips and upper legs and elbows too, not to mention a wacking great purple bruise and a big old patch of carpet burn right across my left arse cheek! Who knew sitting down could be so painful! 
Anyways, enough about my arse, Surely things can only go up from here, so it is time to set some goals for the year. I have decided to be a bit lighter on the goals this year. So here are my goals:

I hope to crochet 6 miles of yarn

This isnt an upgrade to last years goal – I have chosen to aim again for 6 Miles as it was a struggle this year. In the end I did meet this goal in 2017 but only within the last few weeks. 6 Miles is a good milestone to aim for again.

Do and Design more Amigrumi

Last year I really enjoyed making little amigrumi creatures. This  year I want to make more and perhaps even design some!


I have the yarn and the patterns, I just really need to get started!

Reach 200 Followers, 600 Comments and 10000 Views. 

A small upgrade on last years goals, to grow my blog even further.

Publish 15 Patterns

I really enjoy designing and hope to improve my writing skills and publish many new patterns. I have plenty of Ideas already!
And as for Goals for the rest of my life

Be Healthier, Make Healthier Choices

I decided that instead of a weight loss goal I should just strive to be healthier. Pay more attention to what I am eating and how much I am exercising. 

Save More Towards A Deposit

We are well on our way to a good deposit to buy a home – At the beginning of the tax year we plan to open our government save to buy ISA (For every 200 you put in the government gives you 50 extra and you can earn up to 3000 over the course of 3 years) and we have payed off our credit cards 

Get into a better sleep and activity routine

Because of the nature of my work I often tend to struggle to get enough sleep, to eat proper foods, and generally to get into a routine that works. So this year I will dddicate more time to trying to set a healthy routine that I can follow. 
As a treat for getting all the way through that, enjoy this pic of my kitty:

The observant among you may also be able to spot a sneak preview of the Last Dance on the Beach blanket. I will make a post all about it in the next few days so you can see it in all its glory.
What are your goals for the new year? I hope it is a wonderful year for you all! 

Rugged Bohemian Waistcoat Pattern

Thank for visiting! This pattern has now been rewritten to include much more detailed instructions and step by step photographs! You can find the details here.

Secret Cinema! The best experience of my life. So good I went Twice. Luckily a friend of mine is one of the actors so I got heavily reduced tickets, but I would definitely say its well worth the full ticket price!
Anyways, a friend and I made plans to go, and they were such short notice that I didn’t have time to order costume pieces, so I had to make something myself. I wanted a ragged sort of waistcoat thing, but I had less than 24 hours to make it in, so instead of searching for a pattern, I just made it up as I went along. And now I have written you a pattern. Aren’t you lucky!