#Octopledge 2018 July Donation

Hi all! Another busy month and yet again, I totally didnt notice july passing until it was 2/3rds of the way done! So its another small batch from me this month. 

These two lovely little flatties were made using Drops Love You 8 and a 3mm hook. I love how vibrant they are.

And the good news is they both went to preemies! Another month with all passes, even though it is only a small batch. 

My co-ordinator will be on holiday for the last week of August, so for Augusts donation I will need to get started earlier! Time to get cracking!

WIP Wednesday (25/07/18)

Hi everyone. 

I have just one WIP to share today and that is my Hook n Learn Cable stitch block. 

It is only 3 short rows from completion but despite recently finding my crochet mojo and wanting to start a million things, on monday I received an invite for a job interview tomorrow, so all of my hobbys have taken a very sudden halt whilst I prep like crazy! Once the interview is complete, I will be straight back to this to finish it up. Then onto something new! 

Autumn Leaves

Wow this hat making has me yearning for autumn. I cant wait for the cooler nights, the warm spices, the oranges and brown of nature. Its my favourite time of year. 

Recently I shared with you my Sequoia Ridge slouch. This time I am sharing with you my finished Autumn Leaves Slouch. A pattern by Tamara Kelly, which you can find here.

First of all, I would point out that this hat is definately not for beginners nor for people who want a mindless project. It does require a lot of concentration and also for me it required the learning of a new technique. 

Have you heard of the Chainless Starting Double Crochet? I hadnt but from now on I can see myself using it a lot. It eliminates the gaping you get with the standard method (ch 3). You can find the tutorial video I used here. They have a left handed version which was extra useful – I can learn new things using right handed videos but it is a lot easier if there is a left handed option! 

It did take me longer and tire my eyes out from all the concentration and having to refer back to the pattern every few minutes but I think that is justified by the finished result! 

I really struggled to get a pic of the pattern but it is lovely and lacey. I can just imagine it keeping someone snuggly. 

I did mod the pattern a little. In the interest of conserving yarn I took out 2 rows from the repeat (row 18 and 19)
The brim was huge though. Perhaps my tension was a bit loose or something. To fix it, In row 20 where you should put 2 single stitches into every ch 2 space (of which there are 24), I only put 2 in half of them. The other 12 I only put 1 single stitch into.  

And as an added bonus – I had just enough yarn left over after finishing the Autumn Leaves Slouch that I was able to make the pefect pom pom for the Sequoia Ridge Slouch I shared yesterday. Here it is with its pom pom.

Whats next. Time to go back to the ravelry que. 

Finally I Am Organised!

Thank you thank you thank you! 

I read many of your blogs, and recently you have all been making so many lovely things! And I have been inspired! Firstly thank you to Missy’s Crafty Mess and Puddleside Musings, for sharing some wonderful makes that nudged me to get crafting for christmas and start a gift pile, and to Cloudy Day Creations and again Missy’s Crafty Mess for showing me so many lovely hats and inspiring me to make a couple of hats of my own. 

By other peoples standards I may not be going fast but by my standards, Hats are flying off the hook! I have finished one and am already half way through another in the space of just 2 days! And I have learned 2 new stitches! 

The first complete hat can be seen below. 

The pattern is Sequoia Ridges Slouch by Tasha Margette. You can purchase the pattern here. It is just under $5, which for me was about £3.80, which is a bargain – I can see myself using it again and again. It is a lovely pattern. The only criticism I have is that the very first pineaple stitch explination was a little hard for me to follow, so I had to go and work it out elsewhere. 

As for personal modifications, I did slightly misread the instructions. Where Row 10 and Row 15 should have been Half trebles, I only did half doubles. To fix the length issue caused by this I added an extra row of Half trebles between rows 24 and 25. It seemed to work out ok.

Now it has come up a little small on me but I have a large head for a female. As it is going to the gift pile, and will be destined for someone with a normal sized head, this is fine. Were I to make it for myself I would perhaps just go up a hook size to give it a tiny bit more space, or perhaps do a few less decreases in row 26. 

I may put a pom pom on this hat, but it really rather depends on how much yarn I have left after I make this second hat. I am working on the Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat by Tamara Kelly which is free on moogly. Find it here.

Both of these hats are being made from James C Brett Oyster. It is 100% manmade fibre (50% acrylic & 50% Nylon) but it is so super soft you would never guess! Its so soft and has such a gorgeous lustre! Unfortunately this yarn is now dicontinued so I wont be getting anymore. Which is a shame as I could have made many things with it! 

Anyways, I am just pleased as punch that I have finally started a christmas gift pile. Those who have been following me for a while know just what a last minute panic maker I am, so this is a huge stride for me. And its all thanks to all of you for inspiring me into action! I may yet be an organised person! This year seems to be my year of Doing, so no more sitting around and wishing I could be organised. Its time to actually do it! 

Stash Busting Sunday (22/07/18)

Another Stash Busting post. Blimey. I am surprised I have managed to keep this up for more than a week! Most unlike me! 

This time around, I worked with a very pretty collection from Wilko’s called … which I bought last time I visited my Auntie. This set included paper, pearls, ribbon, doileys and toppers. 

Here are the cards I made.

I really loved the topper sheet – for the small price of £1 you got a whole load of topper stickers, and each of them came in larger and smaller options, so this makes it so you can have big and little cards that look equally good. (Maybe its only me that fusses over proportions)

And the paper pack is just lovely. It features all sorts of lovely patterns. The theme seems to be butterflies though, so perhaps its time I dig out my Butterfly dies. 

WIP Wednesday (18/07/18)

Whoopsie daisy. I missed the last WIP wednesday and I am late on this one! Doh! Oh well. Better late than never eh?

I have 2 projects on the go at the moment.

First is this months contribution to Octopus For a Preemie UK. I am working with Drops Love You 8. I love th vibrancy of this yarn and it is super affordable but it isnt half splitty. 

I am also working on part 5 of the simply crochet Hook and Learn. I love the look of crochet cables but I would say they are definately not for beginners – the premise is simple enough but it is very fiddly. 

Yarn Review – Lily Sugar’n’Cream


Name: Lily Sugar’n’Cream Ombre

Price: from £2.50 for the solids up to around £4 for Ombres, Scents, etc.

Ball Weight: from 55g for prints to around 71g for solids

Yarn Weight: Worsted

Yardage: 94 yards for prints, 119 yards for solids

Fibre Blend: 100% Cotton

You can find my project using this yarn here.

What Are the Yarns Benefits

There is a huge choice of patterns, prints, colours and even smells. And a lot of them will match up across ranges, so you can mix and match further.

This yarn is very robust and works up very quickly. It makes perfect dish cloths, tea towels and face scrubbies, as well as Octos.

It can be washed at high heat so from a hygiene point of view it would be great for children’s toys.

What Are Its Drawbacks

As they are American the weights of the balls are really weird! Not a huge problem but it means you have to think a little harder when doing the maths around a pattern.

This yarn is really rough on your hands – it makes your hands feel quite dry.

As is so robust and thick I don’t think it would make especially good garments – it wouldn’t have much drape of much stretch.

It was also quite splitty when I was crocheting it.

Finally, some of these yarns are not colourfast – watch out for the yarns containing indigo dye.

My Rating

Versatility (does it have multiple uses?) – 6/10

Wearability (how comfortable is it to wear) – 5/10

Workability (how nice is it to work with?) – 5/10

Final Score – 16/30