WIP Wednesday (10/01/18)

Another Wednesday another set of WIP’s. 
Having finished the wreath I now have only 2 projects lingering from last year. (I hope I can finish them soon). I have made no more progress on the star stitch scarf. I have however now completed the body of the jumper. I need to add the bit up to the collar and the sleeves then it is complete. 

Now I know I promised I would finish all my 2017 WIP’s before starting anything new, but I really had the urge to make something out of my paprika coloured Hug It Out yarn from Hobbycraft. So I pulled out the knitting needles. I have done … rows so far. I think it will be a scarf thing. I may make a matching hat with any leftover yarn, but that will be crocheted as It will be some time before I can knit in the round. 

I also started and sort of finished another new project. Here is a sneak preview, I just have to finish one more part then I will be ready to publish patterns and such. 

How about you? What have you been making this week. 

WIP Wednesday (03/01/18)

Good afternoon! I know a lot of stuff you find at this time of year is about the new. And whilst I do indeed have many ideas inside my head, I am endeavouring to complete old projects first. So this is my current list of WIP’s. You will probably recognise them all!

First and with the most progress is my sunny yellow jumper. I have now completed both the front and back panels. I just have to stitch them together and turn the tube into an actual wearable item.

I have to finish this wreath. Yes I know christmas is over but I cant very well leave it until next christmas!

I have made most of the little decorative bits. I just need to do 3 more tiny doors and 3 more sets of windows before I can assemble.
And finally I have to finish this chunky star stitch scarf.