WIP Wednesday (21/03/18)

Now I have finished my jumpers and completed and sent my March bunch of jellys and octos, I have just 2 WIP’s left.
The first is my knitted scarf, which, despite my best efforts, is no further along. I have lost the rest of my wool. I stashed it somewhere as my cat kept trying to eat it but for the life of me I cant find it now!
The other is a New WIP. The first square of my Hook ‘n’ Learn blanket from Simply Crochet Magazine. Block Stitch. It is turning out lovely, and I am reminded one more how lovely and soft Scheepjes Colour Crafter is, despite being a budget acrylic yarn.

WIP Wednesday (14/03/18)

Another Wednesday. How are we all? I have been working earlys this week. I usually aim to get a bit of crocheting done each day when I am on earlys but in reality I usually get home and fall asleep immediately. I am not made for 0430 wake up calls! But I have managed a little crochet since last wednesday.
My knitted scarf is still much the same as it was a few weeks ago.
I have a few more bits of octopus complete

And my jumper is coming along nicely. Just the cuffs to go! And maybe a small neck line.

What have you been working on this week. I cant wait to see!

WIP Wednesday (07/03/18)

And blimey its already March!
I havent managed any more of my knitted scarf.
I have however, managed to finish up the buly of my jumper. I just need to do the blue accents then It will be done!

And I have been working on these little bits of octos whilst travelling (since the jumper is now just a bit unweildy to work with in public now).

And I played 2 games of yarn chicken and won this week!

This first one was perhaps a cheat – I knew I wouldnt make the whole 4 tentacles so skipped 2 to finish it at least symetrically. That way I can add 2 tentacles in other colours.

But this one really was a nail biter. Look how close I came to running out!
What have you been up to this week?

WIP Wednesday (28/02/18)

How is it already the end of February! Where does the time go! And what is with this snow! I love snow and growing up in kent we only got a little snow every few years and it was nothing to write home about. Over the last few years the amount of snow across the country has vastly increased but now I live in london (which has its own microclimate due to the sheer amount of pollution and the sheer number of people and businesses and homes creating so much heat) we still only see a little snow which melts away and only very rarely sets. So this has been bloody fantastic!

Here are some photographs I took whilst out on a walk yesterday.
And I have woken up and its even deeper this morning! My only slight problem is that I start night shifts tonight and Victoria station is probably actually colder than the outside! As it has enourmous entrances on one side for the trains and on the other end for people its like sitting in an enourmous wind tunnel! I just hope I dont get snowed in to work overnight!
**Edit I am now at work and its so bad its snowing inside…***
Anyways, Its Wednesday, so that means its time to look at my WIP’s for the week.
My Knitted scarf hasnt had much progress this week as I have been focussing on my jumper.
The jumper is getting along nicely. I am working on the sleeves at the mo so I hope to finish by next week when I visit my auntie so I can show off my first ever garment to her and my nan! Unfortunately its geting a bit hard to carry with me and do on the train so its now more of a home project. It takes up nearly my entire rucksack!

So whilst I was on the bus to Bethnal Green last night for a comedy gig, I started my first jellyfish of March.

WIP Wednesday (21/02/18)

I am working on two projects at the moment.
The first is my first ever knit scarf. I have now got to the end of my first ball of yarn (Knitcraft Hug It Out) so before I can go any further I need to youtube how to change yarn. Does anyone have any particular suggestions for good knitting tutorial youtube channels?

When I sat down to do a few more rows last night Max promptly ran over to sit right on my yarn and project. So I pushed her away. Seems she learnt something because the second time she went under.

Look at her eyeballing my yarn…
The other project is my jumper. I can finally see the end. The yoke is now almost done, despite having to frog the entire yolk a week back. So its just sleeves then then the collar and the stitching around the bottom then I am done. I think I dont have enough yarn to complete it so have ordered a couple more balls in a contrasting colour just to finish off the final touches. I cant wait to be able to wear it. Hopefully by next weeks post I will be able to hang it on the mannequin so you can get more of an idea of how it will look once finished.

Incidentally, for anyone who knits, could you tell me how you take such beautiful picyures of your half done knits – mayne its just mt tension amd the chunky yarn but my work is so curly its hard to make it go flat for pictures.

WIP Wednesday (14/02/18)

This week I have no octopusses on the hooks. I banished them to their project bag because they were occupying my time too much and I was neglecting other wip’s. So this week I have much more progress to share with you.
First of all, with the most progress, is my set of locker pouches. I now have 3 complete pouches and one half way done pouch. This means I have just 1 and a half more to go until I finish.

I have done a few more rows on my first ever knit scarf.
And the jumper is still languishing in my WIP box. Soon it will have its day!

WIP Wednesday (07/02/18)

How is it February already! Gosh how time flys!
I have once again been overtaken by octos for Octopus for a Preemie UK. Those little buggers are so portable and so addictive! But I have made enough to fill my pledge for February so whilst I am itching to do more, I have stashed them away and promised myself I will not make another octo until I finish my other WIP’s.
I have made a little progress on my locker organisers. I am working on pouch 2 as we speak. I am hoping to make 5. The first is for pain killers. The one I am making now is for pens. I also need one for lip balms and moisturisers, one for charging cables and one for nail care stuff.

I need to get cracking on my first ever knit scarf. Its still in the same state as last time I updated you!

And I have yet to make progress on my jumper. I will try to get on with it so I have some actual progress to show next week!

WIP Wednesday (31/01/18)

Good afternoon all. Here is my round up of this weeks WIP’s.
My main WIP has been, you guessed it, more octos. I have 2 on the go right now. The heads are done so next is to stuff them and add tentacles.

I am also working on some little pouches to go in my locker at work. There are so many little things lying about (nail files, pain killers, pens, plasters, etc.) So I wanted to somehow organise them a bit better!

Finally, I am sad to report that I have gone backwards on my sunny yellow jumper – I made a few silly decisions about the placement of decreases and it judt wasnt going to work, so I had to frog back and entire balls worth of work! It was like super noodles!

I have noticed all of this weeks work is in cotton – I think I may have become a bit of a cotton yarn addict.
What have you been up to?

WIP Wednesday (24/01/18)

Hello all!
This week I finally managed to finish my star stitch scarf – which I will share with you as soon as I can get around to photographing it. So I am now down to my final WIP started in 2017. My jumper. No progress on that but I am on the night shift this week so I hope to get a good way further by next wednesday.

I made this very simple hat today. Its boring and bot in the sort of color I would usually pick but I made it to go with my uniform at work to keep me warm (the hat they provide for us is horribly itchy and too long – it either covers your eyes if you pull it all the way on or if you wear the band where it should be then you look like the pope!).

Here I am modeling it. The yarn arrived this morning and I finished this hat this afternoon. It is made using Stylecraft Special Chunky. I am now working on a scarf to match.

What are you all working on. I cant wait to see!

WIP Wednesday (17/01/17)

Hello all! Just popping in for the weekly WIP update.
Not much has changed to be honest – the jumper and scarf still remain in the same state of completion as last week. I have been really rather obsessed with octos…

There are two on the go here – I have finished all of the actual crocheting in the first, I am just waiting for the stuffing to arrive and then I will be able to complete it, and I have just started the second. Have any of you ever worked with King Cole Cottonsoft Crush. Its so scrumptious and marshmallowy! So soft and squishy. I think I have a new yarn crush!