WIP Wednesday (13/03/19)

Goodness me! I haven’t managed to post a WIP Wednesday post in time since mid January! This course has me studying so much that I barely have time for blogging. But today, I have remembered! Yay.
I currently have 3 WIP’s.

I am working on a colour block jumper using WYS The Croft. This is my weekend project as it is too large to be a travel project.

I am working on some octos for Octopus for a Preemie UK.
And in the name of stash busting I have been working my way through some balls of drops Muskat I have lying about to make a bag. This is my travel project.

A Very Late WIP post

Hello everyone. I am very sorry for neglecting you all lately. I have been trying to find time to crochet but as you know, I am living in a hotel during the week righy now whilst I attend signalling school, and the lighting is so bad for WIP pics. Also I thought living in a hotel would give me plenty of time to crochet, buy I have spent almost all of my free time studying. So much studying. We had our first observations this week, which gladly, I can say I passed. Buy we have our first exam next week, so I fear I will have little time for crochet. I will try not to neglect my blog completely but it is very hard to find time to blog, so for the next 3 months I may only be posting on the weekend.
Anyways, whilst I am at home with my photographic equipment, I grabbed a few pictures of my current works in progress.
I am still working on my kindred spirit scarf. I am well into the decrease half of it so each row is getting quicker and easier. I hope to finish soon!

I am also making headway on my baby blanket. It’s growing nicely.

And finally, I made a start on my February donation to OFAPUK. Still trying to use up half balls of yarn, so I went with these two very springy colours. Like a daffodil, just in time for all the spring babies.

WIP Wednesday (23/01/18)

January is going fast isnt it? In the last week I have finished 2 WIP’s – The Pachimari and the OFAPUK Octos, which I will share with you later in the month once my co-ordinator has received them and sent me some feedback. I have also started and finished another project, which I will post about tomorrow. I currently have 2 WIP’s.
The first is the Kindred Spririts Scarf. (I have only added a few more rows so here isnt much to show you. I go off to Basingstoke to start Signalling School tonight, and will be taking this project with me so will at least get a couple of hours progress on the train.

And last night I started a chunky baby blanket, taking inspiration from the filet honeycomb section of my Hotel of Bees shawl.
What have you been working on this week?

WIP Wednesday (16/01/19)

It’s Wednesday again! and in total contrast to last week, this week I have a whole lot of WIP’s.

I have made a bit more progress on my Kindred Spirits scarf. I am about 30 yards short of the required amount but the scarf is super long so I think when I get to a repeat of two before the halfway point I will weigh my yarn, then just start decreasing at the 50g mark. As the scarf is really long – (90 inches) I think I can afford to loose a few inches and still have a very long scarf.

I attended an OFAPUK meeting at the weekend, and as usual, this spurred me I with a bit of motivation. I have a huge box full of cotton’s specifically for Octos, but I decided that before I can crack open any new balls, I really ought to get through the scraps of yarn I have lying about.

I am also working on a Birthday present for my Fiance, for his 31st birthday, which is coming up next week. He will be in Germany on his actual birthday, attending a conference and delivering a speech as part of his work, so we will be celebrating a day or two earlier. I am trying not to buy too much yarn but when I was working on the Loot Llama I identified that I could use the remaining yarn for a second video game related Amigurumi. But I will say no more, just in case he decides to look here. Wouldn’t want to give away too much and ruin the surprise. He already knows one of his gifts thanks to a delivery box absolutely smothered in company branding!
Once I have finished these bits and bobs, I think. will start on a baby gift – it’s so hard to resist starting a new project! Someone send me the strength to keep focused on my already existing projects!

WIP Wednesday (09/01/18)

Goodness me. I am in Vienna right now and wow is it cold! So much snow! 
I only have 1 wip at the moment – the Kindred Spirit Scarf. This is how far I got on the flight here. Lets see how far I get on the flight back. 

(A Slightly Late) WIP Wednesday (02/01/19)

Start as you mean to go on and all that…
I have just one WIP this week. I am starting with a little project. 

My fiance got me a folding wireless keyboard for christmas – I do the majority of my blogging from my mobile phone, and Chris worries about my carpal tunnel syndrome as a result. So he thought this would be a very useful thing to me. And of course, I had to make a case for it. So this is the start. I am not following a pattern – I am making a pair of star stitch rectangles then will stitch them together into a pouch and add some edging and a button. 
How did you christen the new year? 

WIP Wednesday (26/12/18)

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas full of love and laughter. Its Boxing day now, and its the last WIP wednesday of the year! 

I am crocheting monogomously at the moment – now all of the gifts are finished I am determined to complete my Esja sweater by new year. I have added a good 4 inches since I last shared it with you, but we are now at the boring bit which just goes round and round and round until its long enough. Then onto the sleeves. It currently sits an inch below my bust so I reckon I need another 12 inches at least – but I am on night shifts for the next 7 nights so at least I will have plenty of time to do it! 

Before that though, its time for the best bit of boxing day – my signature leftover pie! Have a lovely day everyone!

WIP Wednesday (19/12/18)

Good morning everyone! My goodness christmas is now less than a week away! I have spent the majority of this week cuddled up on my sofa with my fiance crocheting like theres no tomordow! 
I have 3 projects on the hooks right now. My esja, which has been put on the back burner until the christmas gifts are complete. 
A loot Llama – currently in many parts I have more parts to make then I will sew it all together at the end.

And the Hotel of Bees shawl for my step mother in law. I hope to finish and block this today, as it needs to be dry by friday for gifting! 
Are you still finishing christmas gifts? If so good luck! 

WIP Wednesday (12/12/18)

Eek its less than two weeks to Christmas! Where has the month gone! I wish it would slow down! Ah well – I am off work all of next week so hopefully I can enjoy some festive fun then! The gifts are almost all wrapped so I can relax. 
I have 3 projects on the hooks right now.
There is the Esja sweater, which I talked about yesterday.
I got to the end of the first openwork honeycomb section on my Hotel of Bees.

But then my dad suggested that he may visit on the 16th so I had to put down the hotel of bees (whos recipient I will see on Dec 21st) and start on my cousins gift, since it will be my dad who takes it to him. This is the first two parts of a Loot Llama from the game Fortnite. 

Are you still crocheting for christmas or have you got it licked? 

WIP Wednesday (05/12/18)

Christmas is fast approaching so I got craching on my second to last christmas gift – another Hotel Of Bees shawl. 

And I have done a few more rows on my Esja sweater since sharing it yesterday!

What have you got on your hooks. Are you scrabbling away in a last minute panic to finish by christmas or are you relaxing?