WIP Wednesday (03/07/19)

Hello all! It’s Wednesday again, and so here I am to share my WIP’s.

Having asked last week what project I should start next, I actually didn’t choose any of them! I was stood looking at my yarn collection and decided I should probably get on with a blanket CAL that has been languishing for a while in my cupboard. I got to part six then kind of forgot about it… So this is part 7.

I then got itchy fingers – so I started on the hat I was deliberating over last week. Isn’t the speckled yarn gorgeous?

And then I couldn’t stop thinking about the tee I mentioned last week, so I started that too!

And who knows, by the end of the week I may have started the Dino. I just want to make everything all at once!

WIP Wednesday (26/06/19)

Hello all! As a rare occurrence I only have 1 WIP this week.

I have been focused mostly on finishing my vase of crocheted flowers for entry into Beckenham Place Flower Show which is on Sunday, as well as getting my June donation for OFAPUK finished and posted, so I haven’t really spent much time on my Blooming Crocus. However I did complete a few more rows today during my break and on the train home from work. I think I am only a row or two away from splitting for the sleeves. I think it would be really cool to wear this to the flower show, since it is inspired by Crocus flowers, so this will be my sole project until it’s done.

(Yes, this is the same picture from last week since it hasn’t had any interesting developments)

Then is the tricky decision on what to start next. I have three projects in mind. The decision is between a hat, another top and a Cuddly Dragon, which I have been commissioned to make for a friend’s baby. Do I do them one by one or should I just start them all?

WIP Wednesday (19/06/19)

Good afternoon! How is your week going. I hope it’s been productive. Mine certainly has.

I am almost finished with the main part of my Blooming Crocus top. I have just 3 inches left to go which I estimate to be 2 more pattern repeats (although I may add another 3 inches just to be sure since I love my shirts to be longer). Then it will be time to split for the arms.

I finally got started on my OFAPUK donation for June. I have 3 and a half heads and 2 sets of tentacles. I will just keep going until this ball is used up.

And I have been working on this year’s entry into Beckenham Place Park Flower Show, which is on the 30th of June. Last year I won, both in my category and a special best in show rosette. So of course I have to defend my win this year. I have just 2 more large petals to complete then it’s onto the leafs and assembly. I hope to have the flowers compete by the weekend. But of course, I won’t be able to show you too much as it is blind judged, so you will get the full picture after the event.

WIP Wednesday (12/06/19)

Hello all! I am on night shifts at the mo, but unfortunately with all this rain we have been having, there’s not been any crochet time! Hopefully tonight will be quieter!

Anyways, I have 2 WIP’s at the mo.

I swatched my Blooming Crocus top and restarted it and it is looking much better.

And do you remember last year, when I won best in show for my Crochet and Felt bouquet of flowers at Beckenham Park Place’s first ever Flower Show? Well it’s back again this year so of course I have to enter again. I have decided to make tulips this year. All the petals have been completed for my yellow tulips, so now to start on my purple Tulips.

I couldn’t find a pattern so I made one up! I may publish it once I have completed the project.

What WIP have you been working on recently?

WIP Wednesday (05/06/19)

This WIP Wednesday I have 3 projects on the hooks.

I am almost finished my Cherry Pi shawl. I finished the actual crochet part on the train home from work earlier today. I just have to sew in the ends and block it. It’s gonna be real exciting blocking something so lacey.

I started the Blooming Crocus Top pattern by sweet potato crochet yesterday. But I have no photo as it’s sitting on the naughty step. I did the first 2 rows for the Large size, only to try it on and find that it is about 8 inches too big for me. So I am deciding what to do now. I guess I will go down to a M. Or perhaps go down a hook size. Or perhaps both. Who knows. I hate to do gauge swatches but I think I have no choice. When I measured my gauche I think I was a whole cluster shell stitch out!

And finally, I am working on one of my own patterns – in order to rewrite my old pattern I needed to make another to better understand why people were having a hard time understanding it. I hope to have it re-released by the end of the week.

Also whilst I am here, I just wanna share with you a new project bag which I received in the post today. If you don’t like rude things, look away now:

When I saw it it made me chuckle so I had to have it! It has pockets on the inside too. 2 big ones and 4 little ones. It is brilliant!

I bought it from the Knitting Goddess, who is also the person who dyed the yarn I am using for my Cherry Pi Shawl above.

WIP Wednesday (29/05/19)

It’s Wednesday again, so here I am to share my WIP. I have just one this week.

This is the Cherry Pi Shawl, a pattern from the Shawl Project book 1. This has been on my to do list for ages, so I am glad to be finally doing it. And this yarn, Blackened Rainbow Brit Silk Sock by The Knitting Goddess was the very first skein of hand dyed yarn I bought! So it’s about time it got it’s time in the sun too.

WIP Wednesday (Thursday) (23/05/19)

My goodness! I tried so hard to get this post in on Wednesday. I had all the right intentions but unfortunately due to some technical issues my photographs weren’t working properly so I couldn’t post them.
Anyways! I currently have 3 WIP’s.

First of all, I am finally finishing up my Donation for Octopus For A Preemie UK (for many reasons I haven’t been able to donate in a few months).

I am working on a Sailor Moon Jumper.
And I have just today started the Cherry Pi shawl, although it’s not far enough along to be worth photographing. I had to frog a few rows due to me being a numpty and not reading the instructions properly!
I am in the crochet zone at the mo so hopefully I can work to catch up to my goals for the year.

Flower Child Beanie

I have another Finished Object to share with you.

This is the Flower Child Beanie, by TL Yarn Craft. I discovered TL Yarn Crafts back when we were all having the discussion about racism within the Yarn community. Whilst I have never knowingly not taken notice of a person of colour in the yarn community, I realised just how undiverse my Instagram feed was, so I used it as an opportunity to improve the diversity of my newsfeed with more BAEM makers. And I am glad I did, because Toni’s work is gorgeous.

The yarn is the Kick Starter Exclusive yarn I received for backing Sealy MacWheely when she wanted to open a bricks and mortar store. With the addition of the black pom poms, the hat reminds me of all of the tacky neon and black striped wrist warmers I used to by myself in my teenage emo years. What a throwback.

The pattern was so easy to follow and so quick – I only started it on Saturday night, and was finished by Tuesday night.

It has been a lovely distraction from being sick. I have been wrapped up at home crocheting and drinking coffee and feeling sorry for myself.
I am really pleased with the photos I took too. This is my first attempt at shooting myself – normally my Fiance does the photography if I need to be in the pic.

And f course, mistress Maxine a oget volved hwen she saw had the camera out. She look really pleased with her self when she ‘caught’ her prey… She does love a good pompom.
Anyways. It’s also Wednesday, but I have no WIP’s. So I caked up some yarn to start a new project.

This is Blue Moon Fibre Arts ‘Plushy’ in colourway Dye Dreamer. I bought it back in October on my 26th birthday in San Francisco. It will become a Sailors Moon jumper. I really enjoyed making this jumper last time, and I picked this yarn out with this jumper in mind. I thought it would be really food crochet for whilst I am watching Eurovision since once the yoke is complete, it’s straight granny Stitch, which I can do without looking.

WIP Wednesday (08/05/19)

My goodness! Does anyone else find that bank holidays make you feel all confused about what day it is? I expect it doesn’t help much that I went straight into nights after the bank holiday. I haven’t got the foggiest what day it is! But I thought I best pop in to share with you my WIP.
I am now at the end of section 2 of the Fallen Blossoms Shawl CAL, by Ana D Crochet. It’s hard to see but there are lots of little holes. I expect blocking will open them up a bit more. Section 3 is the actual flowers, so that should be fun. I can’t wait to finish it and get it on the blocking mat. And as luck would have it, my new job also affords me long enough periods of inactivity on the night shift for a bit of night shift crochet. So that is a bonus!

March Makes

Hello all! I am afraid this month has been super low in crochet. In fact, I only managed to complete 1 project this month. That was my Second Divine Beanie.

I have just found it impossible to crochet whilst have been studying. This course is taking over my life right now. I am doing well but the final exam is now less than 2 weeks away and the final Observation is 2 weeks tomorrow. So every spare minute I have had has been spent either getting in extra practice on the simulator or revising.
I am working on a few different projects though, so here are some of my WIP’s.
I didn’t manage to make a donation to OFAPUK this month, because as well as having limited time to crochet, I also got sick, so couldn’t make them if I wanted to. So I intend to donate double next month. This is how far I got before getting sick.

Earlier in the month I dug to the bottom of my stash and started a handbag. So far I only have the base. It’s kind of boring at the mo since it’s just singles but I will get there.

And finally I am working on a jumper. Last time I shared this with you it was the Avary Jumper. But since then Simply Crochet released issue 82 which has a lovely V Stitch jumper which I loved so the Avary got frogged and this is how far I have got so far.

It’s working up so quickly! And has such a lovely texture. Since it’s worked in blocks, I decided to work the sleeves at the same time as the body. Once I have done the second sleeve orange bit, I will change colours and make the next section of the body.
Again, apologies for not being around so much. But I promise you, once this course is over, I will be back to normal running hopefully with lots of crochet lovelies to share! Wish me luck for my Finals!