WIP Wednesday (15/08/18)

Today I have 2 projects to share.

First is my Octos. I have completed 3, and have just the tentacles of the last 2 to do.

Secondly is the Sailors Moon Cropped Sweater by Cre8tion Crochet in Noro Haniwa. I really love how fast it is working up – I only started this on saturday afternoon and I have already completed the body!

Since taking this photograph thismorning I have actually completed two thirds of the ribbong around the waistline of the sweater too, so I think I can finish it in the next day or two. Usually garments seem to take me months but this is looking like it will take me less than a week!

I finished a lot of projects this last week but between being ill and working night shifts I havent yet managed to take photos so once I have had a chance this week I will be sharing a couple of new projects. 

WIP Wednesday (08/08/18)

Oh my goodness! Its august which means Autumn is finally on the way. Not that you would know it from this bleeding heat wave we are having. 

I am currently suffering with a bout of tonsillitis. The antibiotics seem to be doing their part though so thats fine. Hopefully I will be back in order in no time. 

I have 3 works in progress on the go at the moment.

Theres these octos. I thought I would production line them, make a few heads then some tentacles. However these are currently inquarentine as you cant make them when you are sick – wouldnt want to risk passing on anything to those tiny little babies! 

I have been working on this Linen Stitch Cowl, using 2 balls of discontinued yarn that have been languishìng in my stash for around 4 years. Its slow going as its quite repetetive, but its a good pattern. It is designed in such a way that you only have to sew in 4 ends in total (2 if like me you carry the tails whilst crocheting row 2 and the final row).

And finally, I have just this morning started this chunky shawl using Cygnet Bumper Boucle. It should be super warm and squishy for its recipient whoever that may be. 

What have you been working on this week. 

WIP Wednesday (25/07/18)

Hi everyone. 

I have just one WIP to share today and that is my Hook n Learn Cable stitch block. 

It is only 3 short rows from completion but despite recently finding my crochet mojo and wanting to start a million things, on monday I received an invite for a job interview tomorrow, so all of my hobbys have taken a very sudden halt whilst I prep like crazy! Once the interview is complete, I will be straight back to this to finish it up. Then onto something new! 

WIP Wednesday (18/07/18)

Whoopsie daisy. I missed the last WIP wednesday and I am late on this one! Doh! Oh well. Better late than never eh?

I have 2 projects on the go at the moment.

First is this months contribution to Octopus For a Preemie UK. I am working with Drops Love You 8. I love th vibrancy of this yarn and it is super affordable but it isnt half splitty. 

I am also working on part 5 of the simply crochet Hook and Learn. I love the look of crochet cables but I would say they are definately not for beginners – the premise is simple enough but it is very fiddly. 

WIP Wednesday (04/07/18)

Hello all! Its wednesday again so I guess its tile to share my WIP.

This week I am focussing on getting back up to date with the Hook n Learn blanket. So I am working on part 4 right now. 

This is spike stitch and requres 2 squares. I have been working on them simultaneously.

What have you been up to?

WIP Wednesday (20/06/18)

Hi all! 

You may have noticed that this month I did not do a Mid Month Update on my Octo making endeavours. This is because this month has flown by and I have been so busy at work and finishing off the movie night cardi that I didnt notice it was already this late in the month. I only started making my first octo for Junes pledge yesterday! It will be a small batch this month. 

I am also working on flowers for my bouquet which I hope to enter in Beckenham Place Parks first ever Flower Show.  I better pull my socks up If I am gonna get it finished on time. I do have the next few days off work though so will have plenty of time.

Also, I found another awesome pusheen thing!

It has a divider in the middle so I think it will make a perfect small project bag! 

What have you been up to this week?

WIP Wednesday (13/06/18)

Hello all. 

Its just a short one today. Unfortunately just in time for world Knit (and Crochet) in Public Day I busted up my hand. Now thise who know me know I am always crocheting in public – on the train, on the bus, in coffee shops, at work, at the doctors. But early on saturday I was doing my security patrol at work. I went to grip a door handle to check the door was shut and I must have gripped it dunny because all the muscles in my hand went ping. My hand started shaking and my fingers seased up – I couldnt bend them at all. The tips of my fingers were tingly. My ring finger started to swell so I had to whip my engagement ring off a bit sharpish and apply ice. After some ice and ibuprofen and some rest my hand is now all ok, but it did rather scupper my prospects of crocheting for a few days. 

I have only managed a few more petals for my first rose. I am close to habing a finished rose. But I really need to speed it up a bit – the flower show is in 10 days time! 

Most progress this week has been on my Movie Night Cardi. I finally managed to finish the granny square part and now that its just cuffs and collar to go, its finishing up real quick. 

I am using 1 ball of Stylecraft Batik to finish it off, pictured above. I love the way the colours work together. As you can see below I have now finished both cuffs. So hopefully by the end of the night shift I have just started, I will have a nice new cardi to show you. The pattern calls for two rounds of single crochet for the collar but i have around 30g of yarn left so I reckon I could manage maybe a 3rd row. We shall see. 

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments!