WIP Wednesday (04/07/18)

Hello all! Its wednesday again so I guess its tile to share my WIP.

This week I am focussing on getting back up to date with the Hook n Learn blanket. So I am working on part 4 right now. 

This is spike stitch and requres 2 squares. I have been working on them simultaneously.

What have you been up to?

WIP Wednesday (20/06/18)

Hi all! 

You may have noticed that this month I did not do a Mid Month Update on my Octo making endeavours. This is because this month has flown by and I have been so busy at work and finishing off the movie night cardi that I didnt notice it was already this late in the month. I only started making my first octo for Junes pledge yesterday! It will be a small batch this month. 

I am also working on flowers for my bouquet which I hope to enter in Beckenham Place Parks first ever Flower Show.  I better pull my socks up If I am gonna get it finished on time. I do have the next few days off work though so will have plenty of time.

Also, I found another awesome pusheen thing!

It has a divider in the middle so I think it will make a perfect small project bag! 

What have you been up to this week?

WIP Wednesday (13/06/18)

Hello all. 

Its just a short one today. Unfortunately just in time for world Knit (and Crochet) in Public Day I busted up my hand. Now thise who know me know I am always crocheting in public – on the train, on the bus, in coffee shops, at work, at the doctors. But early on saturday I was doing my security patrol at work. I went to grip a door handle to check the door was shut and I must have gripped it dunny because all the muscles in my hand went ping. My hand started shaking and my fingers seased up – I couldnt bend them at all. The tips of my fingers were tingly. My ring finger started to swell so I had to whip my engagement ring off a bit sharpish and apply ice. After some ice and ibuprofen and some rest my hand is now all ok, but it did rather scupper my prospects of crocheting for a few days. 

I have only managed a few more petals for my first rose. I am close to habing a finished rose. But I really need to speed it up a bit – the flower show is in 10 days time! 

Most progress this week has been on my Movie Night Cardi. I finally managed to finish the granny square part and now that its just cuffs and collar to go, its finishing up real quick. 

I am using 1 ball of Stylecraft Batik to finish it off, pictured above. I love the way the colours work together. As you can see below I have now finished both cuffs. So hopefully by the end of the night shift I have just started, I will have a nice new cardi to show you. The pattern calls for two rounds of single crochet for the collar but i have around 30g of yarn left so I reckon I could manage maybe a 3rd row. We shall see. 

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments!

WIP Wednesday (06/06/18)

Its the first month of summer here in the UK – although it feels like we had no spring this year, hopping straight from snow to sweltering heat. 

That means its also the first WIP Wednesday of the summer. And I have 2 completely opposite projects on the hooks. 

The first is my Movie Night Cardi. I am so close to completing the base square. Just 2 more colour repeats to go. Not very summery at all but very pretty! I know I said this last month and the month before too but I hope to finish it this month. 

And the second is a very summery project – the start of my wedding flower experiment for a flower show I will be attending at the end of June! I am using the Flower show as a great deadline for finally cracking on with my wedding bouquet experiments. I have started with some simple roses. Here are a couple of petals waiting to be sewn together to form the rose head. I had a fourth petal almost finished but then had to frog it – I had been awake for over 16 hours at this point so my tired brain didnt take note of what hook I had been using. The first three were made with a 2.5mm hook but I picked up a 4.5mm hook by mistake so it came out far too big! 

I am working with Drops Merino baby merino. I have 6 balls in total in shades of green and purple. Gonna have a play around and see what I can create. 

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday (30/05/18)

Good evening everyone!

After 2 very stressful days at work (both Monday and Tuesday the station flooded so the trains decended into chaos very quickly). Then yesterday we finally got the station unflooded, I finally took a break, and half way through my break got called to an possible overdose in the toilets. When I arrived on the phone to emergency services he awoke and started waving needles at my colleague! My word its been a busy few days! So I am glad to report that today has been wholey uneventful and I have been able to get on with my personal work projects and paperwork that has needed doing for weeks. 

Now, I only have the one WIP today. Mainly because I scrabbled to get all of my peojects done by the 23rd of may. One of my favourite PS4 games (Stardew Valley) was releasing a port for PSVita (a portable gaming device) was releasing that dqy so I wanted to have undevided attention of release day. 

I am almost finished the base square of my Movie Night Cardi. I have been so bored by it but I have been trying to get at least a row done whenever I get the chance. 

I have got my next project in my brain ready to go so hopefully I will get started this week. Many of you will be aware that I am in the process of planning my wedding. I have plans to crochet my own bouquet and center peices. I brought all of the components to make a test bouquet months ago but as I dont have a date for my wedding yet and I really dont work wellunless there is some sense of urgency, I have been really rubbish at starting. However – Beckenham Place Park, just down the road from me, are holding their very own flower show, which will be running like a traditional county show, with tents and multiple horticultural categories for people to enter and judges and awards. Now, one of their categories is crafted flowers of any kind. What a perfect excuse to crack on and try some of the flower patterns I have been hoarding. 

WIP Wednesday (16/05/18)

Whew, I just finished catching up with all the wonderful blogs I follow! Almost a months worth! I shall try not to get that far behind again. Also I do apologise if I have been making your notifications ping in the middle of the night! Such is the problem with working unsociable hours! 

 Anyways, Just popping in for another WIP Wednesday post. 

I have 3 projects in the works at the moment. 

I have done a few more rows of my Movie Night Cardi. I cant sit for more than a row or two at a time as it is so boring. I am sure I will be less bored once I get to the cuffs though, as I will be in the home stretch!

On the octo making front, I have finished  my ball of toscana so have moved to the half ball of Cottonsoft Crush remaining from the wedding cats I made. (You will get to see them tomorrow). 

And I am making a start on the 3rd part of the Stitch n Learn CAL. This time it is Shell Stitch. Its nice to be making a dual coloured square again, and this time I havw gone for a very bright pair of colours!

WIP Wednesday (09/05/18)

Most of my crocheting has taken a back seat this week. The Movie Night cardi remains 2/3 complete and my octos are still in their half done state. Priority has been given to a wedding gift that needed doing. Unfortunately, i cant share much with you as I know the bride and 2 of the bridesmaids look at this blog from time to time so i dont want to ruin a surprise. But here is a sneak peak at the top of the page. The wedding is tomorrow so I should be able to share the finished object with you by the end of the weeks.

As for me, I sharnt be going to bed until this project is finished – always last minute, you know me!