WIP Wednesday (17/10/18)

Ooooh how exciting! Its wednesday again and I am working nights. When I finish nights next wednesday, I will be just 1 day away from going to America for my birthday! I am so excited! I cant wait. 

I am currently working on 4 projects.

First is the octos for Ofapuk. I am trying to make as many as I can before I finish nights, as I will have to post them next wedesday. I already have 8 complete. 1 more will take my total donation to 50 critters. Yay! 

I am making myself another hat – this time in black to match with a black courduroy pinnafore dress I bought myself recently. No picture yet as its so close to the start that theres no point in photographing it!  

I have just the finishing touches of my Satirday slippers to make. They look like slippers but need soles and embroidery.

And I have started some more slippers.

WIP Wednesday (10/10/18)

Another wednesday has come so its time for another WIP post. 

The Octos have still seen no action. I am still a bit sniffly so they are still in quarantine. But soon I will bust them out.

In the meantime, I am working hard to finish my other projects so that when I am on nights next week I can focus mainly on the Octos. 

The slippers are now complete on the crochet side of things. But I still have to sew them up and then sew on some leather soles and a bit of simple embroidery. 

And the Honeybuns beanie is coming along nicely. Only a couple of tows until I finish the honeycombs and can start the crown. 
You may notice the chunky hat is no longer in this list, as I finished it thisafternnon. As soon as I can photograph it I will share a post about it. 

What have you been up to this week. 

WIP Wednesday (03/10/18)

My word! This is the third week in a row I have missed WIP wedesday! I think perhaps I should just start calling it WIP Thursday instead!

The slippers and octos mentioned last week have seen no progress.

However, the 1hr beanie is significantly further along (although it still looks nothing like a hat) 

And the Honeybun Beanie finally looks like a hat! My god the band took forever! 144 rows before! But now it is done the hat is growing nicely! 

What did you get up to this week?

WIP Wednesday (26/09/18)

Another wip post a little bit late! Wednesdays always seem to pass by without me noticing! 

I have had a busy week of making – I finished all of my wip’s and started a whole bunch of new projects!

Theres these slippers by Make and Do Crew (which really irks me because I should have been able to finish them on sunday, but more about that later)

Theres the HoneyBuns Beanie by Nomad Stitches in the beautiful Baa Ram Ewe Titus.
Theres the One Hour Beanie, also by Make and Do Crew, which I am using to teach my ‘student’ crochet with their very first project (I think having a finished object will really be motivating). 

And I also have more octos on the go. They are however in quarantine at the mo since my household is full of coughs and sneezes. So no picture of those. 

I recently finished 2 projects too so as soon as I can photograph them I will share them with you. 

WIP Wednesday (19/09/18)

Sorry its a bit late, I forgot to press the publish button. Doh!

So its over half way through september. Its flying by! 

I have 3 projects on the hook right now.

I have been cracking on with the heads to some octopusses. I will be nocking out the tentacles this week as I hope to hand them over at our next meet up which is on saturday. 

I came to a standstill on chris’ hat. I got to the end of the straight section but then realised I didnt have enough yarn to finish. I tried to make up my own ending to finidh it early but I hated how it looked so had to rip it back. A second skein of yarn arrived today though in the post so hopefully I can get it finished in the next few days. 

Also I have to sew in lots of ends on other facepads and wash cloths I have made. 

What are you up to this week? 

WIP Wednesday (12/09/18)

Ooooh its almost Autumn, and I really cant wait for cardi and hat and scarf weather! Eek! I want to put cinnamon on everything and cosy up with my yarn as the raindrops patter on the window glass. My favourite time of year! 

Anyways, time for this weeks WIP’s. 

I have 3 projects on the hooks right now. First is my contribution for September for OFAPUK, Using Lana Grossa Cotone.

Second are these flowery washcloths, using Lily Sugar n Cream.

And finally this wooly hat for my love, using Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone. 

WIP Wednesday (05/09/18)

Hello my lovelies. Its WIP Wednesday again and I will be starting with a little pointless rant. I know it silly to get annoyed by such things but I am easily annoyed. (10 years of customer service work does that to you). 

I love to see everyones WIP stuff. And a lot of the yarn shops and yarn manufacturers do too. So on facebook they ask to see everyones works in progress. Now what I would say is that over 50% of the people who reply, usually more, will comment with an FO. It really annoys me – I dont even know why. I think perhaps I am just too much of a grump but there are plenty of opportunities to show off your FO’s, but this is not one of them.

See I told you it was silly!  

Anyways, this week I am working on the same 2 projects as last week. The face pads have not seen a single stitch since last week though as I have been super absorbed in the Hotel Of Bees Shawl.

I am now on section 3. I love everything about this pattern – it is so well designed and beautifully written that I just cant put down my hook! 

What are you working on this week?