WIP Wednesday (12/12/18)

Eek its less than two weeks to Christmas! Where has the month gone! I wish it would slow down! Ah well – I am off work all of next week so hopefully I can enjoy some festive fun then! The gifts are almost all wrapped so I can relax. 

I have 3 projects on the hooks right now.

There is the Esja sweater, which I talked about yesterday.
I got to the end of the first openwork honeycomb section on my Hotel of Bees.

But then my dad suggested that he may visit on the 16th so I had to put down the hotel of bees (whos recipient I will see on Dec 21st) and start on my cousins gift, since it will be my dad who takes it to him. This is the first two parts of a Loot Llama from the game Fortnite. 

Are you still crocheting for christmas or have you got it licked? 

WIP Wednesday (05/12/18)

Christmas is fast approaching so I got craching on my second to last christmas gift – another Hotel Of Bees shawl. 

And I have done a few more rows on my Esja sweater since sharing it yesterday!

What have you got on your hooks. Are you scrabbling away in a last minute panic to finish by christmas or are you relaxing? 

WIP Wednesday (28/11/18)

Ooooh I have had a productive week this week. Night shifts are really good for getting me crocheting! 

This week I have 3 WIP’s. 

Theres the Esja Sweater, which I showed you yesterday.

I am working on another Wanderlust Scarf. 

And I have some Mittens on the hook. 

Whew! Busy buzy busy – as I am sure you all are what with christmas less than a month away! Eek its getting so close! I cant loose my mojo now, as well as these few more chridtmas gifts I have a gift to make for a pregnant colleague who goes on maternity in December, so I wont be resting my hooks just yet! 

WIP Wednesday (14/11/18)

***whoopsie! Forgot to push publish!***

Its Wednesday again and after 3 lovely long weeks off of work I have today returned to work (BOOOOO). But on the bright side I now only have 5 more working weeks until I start my new job! Yays! And Fallout 76 (the newest installment in my favourite video game series) comes out today so once I have finished work I will be straight down the shops to collect my pre-order. Until then, Here are my WIP’s.

After finishing my Wanderlust Beanie I started on a nice pair of mittens using the same yarn. I have mitten no.1 complete so now its onto the second.

I have added a few more inches to my Simple Scallops Shawl. Its slow going but I am getting there. I am a bit pants with projects where each row takes longer than the last. I tend to loose motivation! But hey, its ok. This is the sort of pattern where you just keep going until you run out of yarn, and I only have 38g left so hopefully I will finish soon! 

Having staved off the illness in the house I finally got back to my Octos and am now further into my first. 

I am also of course working on my Esja Sweater, but that has its own MAL post so I wont repeat myself here. 

On a final note does anyone elses cat do this?

Whenever I am playing with yarn the cat does this thing where she rolls about on the floor or sofa somewhere near me and stretches out and just happens to find the yarn at the end of her paw. Bless her little face, its like she knows she isnt allowed to go directly to it so she is trying her hardest to look like its a coincidence! You have to love their crafty little ways! 

WIP Wednesday (07/11/18)

Deary me! I have forgotten to post a WIP wednesday for two weeks in a row! Whoopsie. 

I currently have 3 WIP’s

I started making my November Octo’s for OFAPUK back whilst I was on holiday.

See here I am on Twin Peaks having a bit of a crochet (My fiance was taking forever taking time lapse of the clouds rolling over the city so I took my opportunity to crochet where I could!). But unfortunately, on returning to the UK, both of us came down with tummy bugs then my fiance followed that with a cold so they have been in quarantine ever since. 

I am almost finished with my Sophine Scarf, which I also started whilst on holiday (On the plane, in fact). The stitching is done and its on the blocking board. I just have to wait for it to dry then I can add the fringe and it will be done. 

Carrying on with the lace theme, I started working on the Simple Scallops shawl. At the mo you cant see the laceyness but once its finished and blocked I am sure it will be lovely. 

Tomorrow I will start an exciting new pattern. But more about that once I have collected the yarn from the delivery office tomorrow. 

WIP Wednesday (17/10/18)

Ooooh how exciting! Its wednesday again and I am working nights. When I finish nights next wednesday, I will be just 1 day away from going to America for my birthday! I am so excited! I cant wait. 

I am currently working on 4 projects.

First is the octos for Ofapuk. I am trying to make as many as I can before I finish nights, as I will have to post them next wedesday. I already have 8 complete. 1 more will take my total donation to 50 critters. Yay! 

I am making myself another hat – this time in black to match with a black courduroy pinnafore dress I bought myself recently. No picture yet as its so close to the start that theres no point in photographing it!  

I have just the finishing touches of my Satirday slippers to make. They look like slippers but need soles and embroidery.

And I have started some more slippers.