A Very Proud Teacher

I have taught my very first person to crochet! How exciting. I am checking in today to share her progress! 
My colleague and friend Niculina has been wanting to learn from me for a while but we never got around to it. What with me leaving for a new job in a few months she became more persistent and this week whilst we have been working nights together we have finally gotten around to it! 
First I taught her double.

Then single.

Then triple. 

Then I challenged her to half doubles, stars and bobbles and she didnt dissapoint!

I mean WOW. There are a dew tension  issues here and there but she is signifficantly better than I was at my first attempt – not once did she drop a stitch and she only had to be shown once or twice then she had it! 
We purchased some yarn together online so when that arrives we will have a crack at her first ever project – the 1hr Crochet Beanie by Make and Do Crew. Then once we have made that it will be time to try crochet in the round. I cant wait! 

The Great Declutter

Good afternoon all! I am incredibly pleased with my self. As you will premember, I have been making an effort to de-stash and declutter. I have been pulling out yarns from the back of my many boxes and using it up for christmas presents. 
Well yesterday, I took the next step. I sorted my yarn out and sent some of it to the charity shop. Yarn I wasnt going to use in all reality. I also sent some board games, some unlived and unworn handmade bits and bobs and a tonne of clothing that I never wore. (It was super easy – about a month ago I went through my wardrobe and packed away a bunch of clothes I dont wear but kept being reluctant to get rid of. By putting them in a box without the commitment of immediate disposal it was easier to be ruthless about what I do and dont need, and as a result, I managed to cut my wardrobe in half! You realise just how much you dont miss most of it.)
Anyways, back to the point. After the trip to the charity shop, I went through my vast stash. I had it stashed everywhere. The main site was 2 sets of draws in the spare room, then I also had a box in my Kallax unit, a bag stashed down the side of the kallax unit, a bag wedged into my book shelf and 2 bags in the cupboard under the stairs. I am very proud to say that now it occupies only the 2 drawer units in the spare room, and the box in the kallax unit – this is more a wip box, so stores just current projects. Previously it was stuffed to bursting with yarn I had bought and was too lazy to put away properly. Wahoooooo. Isnt it a great feeling to get organised.
I am also very pleased to report that I am so close to finishing my Hotel of Bees shawl! It is blocking as we speak so hopefully I will be able to share it with you in full soon! 

A Departure from Pattern Writing

Hello all. Welcome to a brand new week. I hope it is going to treat you well!
I have been thinking a bit over the weekend, about my crocheting, and I have come to a decision.
I am going to make a departure from pattern writing.
I love writing crochet patterns and one day I would love to be able to reach the levels of some of the wonderful blogs I follow – who are good enough to write books, collab with yarn brands and feature in magazines. But I need to improve my skills.
I really felt I learnt a lot from doing my last dance on the beach blanket, and so have decided I should focus on improving both my crochet and writing skills by learning from other peoples patterns.

2018 Had Arrived…

I must say, I am not starting it in the greatest style – I am working the night shift this week and I am in a load of pain (more than normal). I always suffer from back pain, but the other day I made it worse by falling down the stairs – now I have pain and stiffness in my hips and upper legs and elbows too, not to mention a wacking great purple bruise and a big old patch of carpet burn right across my left arse cheek! Who knew sitting down could be so painful! 
Anyways, enough about my arse, Surely things can only go up from here, so it is time to set some goals for the year. I have decided to be a bit lighter on the goals this year. So here are my goals:

I hope to crochet 6 miles of yarn

This isnt an upgrade to last years goal – I have chosen to aim again for 6 Miles as it was a struggle this year. In the end I did meet this goal in 2017 but only within the last few weeks. 6 Miles is a good milestone to aim for again.

Do and Design more Amigrumi

Last year I really enjoyed making little amigrumi creatures. This  year I want to make more and perhaps even design some!


I have the yarn and the patterns, I just really need to get started!

Reach 200 Followers, 600 Comments and 10000 Views. 

A small upgrade on last years goals, to grow my blog even further.

Publish 15 Patterns

I really enjoy designing and hope to improve my writing skills and publish many new patterns. I have plenty of Ideas already!
And as for Goals for the rest of my life

Be Healthier, Make Healthier Choices

I decided that instead of a weight loss goal I should just strive to be healthier. Pay more attention to what I am eating and how much I am exercising. 

Save More Towards A Deposit

We are well on our way to a good deposit to buy a home – At the beginning of the tax year we plan to open our government save to buy ISA (For every 200 you put in the government gives you 50 extra and you can earn up to 3000 over the course of 3 years) and we have payed off our credit cards 

Get into a better sleep and activity routine

Because of the nature of my work I often tend to struggle to get enough sleep, to eat proper foods, and generally to get into a routine that works. So this year I will dddicate more time to trying to set a healthy routine that I can follow. 
As a treat for getting all the way through that, enjoy this pic of my kitty:

The observant among you may also be able to spot a sneak preview of the Last Dance on the Beach blanket. I will make a post all about it in the next few days so you can see it in all its glory.
What are your goals for the new year? I hope it is a wonderful year for you all!