On the 14th Day of Christmas

Another week has passed so here I am again to share with you the last week in advent yarn! 

Its getting brighter! Arent they lovely! I particularly love the purple.

And do you remember last week, one of the lovely extras was a cute little festive stitch marker from Koru Clay Studio and I told you I got a bit carried away on their etsy store! Well my purcheses arrived a few days ago! 

They are so gorgeous! I especially love the autumnal leafy ones. 

Heres to seeing what the next week brings! 

My 26th Birthday Haul!

Woooohoooo! Its was my birthday on the 28th and I am lucky enough to be in San Francisco to celebrate. 

We had a marvelous day, which started with Breakfast at Craftsman and Wolves.

Then after a wander around discovering the street art of the Mission District, we headed for Imagiknits, for the obligatory birthday yarn buying trip.

Then after more street art exploration we headed to La Taqueria on 24th street to get burrito’s for lunch – they were good, but what would you expect from the Best Mission Style Burrito joint. Look how busy it was! 

Then we went to Alcatraz! It was awesome – I love crime documentarys and so this was right down my street! 

Then we ended the day with Bacon Mac and Cheese Grilled Sandwiches! 

It was possibly the coolest birthday ever! 

Anyways, I expect you are here to see which scrummy yarns I purchased. Well here they are.

Arent they lovely?

As is holiday tradition, I had to buy some local yarns. So I got 2 Californian Yarns. 

On top is Acquerello by Ogier Yarns, from Moss Beach California. It is hand dyed in small batches and is 75% Wool 25% Maufactured Fibres. I fell in love with the gorgeous orange shades. Its so autumnal! 

The other is La Jolla, by BAAH yarns. It is 100% Merino Wool. I absolutely loved this colourway! 

I also purchased some Madtosh Merino Light + Glitter. It is 90% wool, 8% Acrylic and 2% Stellina. I fell in live with the Wino Forever colourway, but found it a real struggle to pick which weight I wanted it in! In the end it was the sparkleyness of this yarn that won it! Its hard to photograph just how beautiful it is. The sales photi from the website does a much better job! 

Its like neon purple and its gorgeous! 

Finally I got 3 skeins of Plushy by Blue Moon Fibre Arts from Oregon (only 1 state over so still fairly local to my trip). Each skein is 270g so in total I have 810g. I intend to make another Harvest Moon sweater with it. 

I know most of my followers are british so the chances of you visiting this shop are slim, but if you do happen to find yourself in San Fran I would definately reccomend a visit to this shop – the staff are wonderful and friendly, very helpful and knowledgable (several people came in with questions whilst I was there and all of them were received with warmth and given very helpful answers.). I would definately go back! You can find them on 3897 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

A little Haul

I just had to pop in to share with you this deal I got at John Lewis in oxford street this week.

I have wanted to buy some baa ram ewe for a while but find that currently I cant justify the £16-20 price tag. However, I wandered into John Lewis in oxford street and made my way to the haberdashers (as I always do) whilst I waited for my fiance to finish work (he works on oxford street for the Beeb). They had a clearance sale on. Most of the yarn didnt pique my interest too much despite the huge reductions, but this yarn did. I went away to the cafe and had a pot of sencha and pondered just what I could do with the yarn (as per my rule of not buying yarn without a project in mind). 

I came to the conclusion that my fiance could do with a new hat. I made him one a few years ago which he dutifully wears every winter, and it is nice, but it is a little big for him and made out of acrylic. So I thought that it may be time to make him a nice warm wooly hat. 

He finished work and met me in the cafe. I took him to see the yarn and he immediately loved the purple one (I knew he would as he cant resist anything purple) and decreed that a new hat made out of it would be lovely. I could also do with a new hat so picked one out for myself – the orange one. 

The best part – They were Half Price! I only payed £7.50 for the purple one and £8.50 for the orange one. Result! Now I can try out thid yarn that I hear so many people raving about! 

As thid is a Haul post I would also like to share with you some purchases I made from small businesses on Saturday at HyperJapan festival. I know at least a few of you are into japanese/anime/gaming stuff so perhaps you will discover a new maker.

I got this adorable luttle hand sewn felt totoro from Moogle Ears and Stuff. Her etsy is Here and here instagram is Here. As you may be able to tell, she does final fantasty stuff, but also sonic, ghibli, pokemon and other kawaii bits and bobs! And she is a lovely lady!

And I got this top and badge from Amy Blue. You can find her insta Here and etsy shop Here. She is a wonderful illustrator and her shop is full of cute stickers/badges/tees/prints. As well as vudeo gaming stuff she also does pride/identity stuff and lots of cute cat things. 

A Post Christmas Haul

Hello! How is your January going so far? Well I hope. 

I recently purchased some more yarn. My other half doesnt mind as long as I have a project in mind so I didnt get told off this time! Yay!

Anyways, the first parcel I received was this gorgeous lot. 

I have 3 cakes of Batik Swirl. Isnt this the most beautiful colourway. It made my other half quite excited too (he loves anything purple). I also got a single ball of batik in a matching grey. I think I will make a coccoon cardi of some description with this lot of yarn, so the single coloured ball will make the bit around the edge. (Is it called the yolk if it goes all around the edge? I have no idea what you call it but I hope you have some idea what I am talking about!)

I also have this lot of lovely cotton yarns. I am sure many of you have heard of Octopus For A Preemie but for those of you who havent, Its a charity made of lots of lovely volunteers who make little octopusses for premature babies. The tentacles give the babys comfort and stop them from pulling at their important medical tubes. I will go into more detail about how it works when I post about it on the 15th, but for now I will just say I have decided to start making for this charity and so this cotton yarn is destined to be turned into little octos! 

Some Recent Hauls! 

just popping in to share with you some recent purchases. I have recently ordered a whole load of Scheepjes Catona. Isnt it marvelous!

I bought all of this so I can make some of the christmassy bits in last christmas’ edition of Simply Crochet Magazine. Now I have a book nook I have a mind to make into a little candy wonderland when I decorate for christmas! A pink tree with candy coloured decorations and gingerbread houses and pompom garlands and the like.

Whilst I am here, let me also show you the yarn I splashed out on in The Yarn Dispensary. It is 4ply Britsilk by the Knitting Goddess, in Blackened Rainbow. It was expensive (almost £20) but it was gorgeous! Worth every penny. This is by far the most expensive yarn I have ever bought though, So it will take a while to work out what I want to do with it. The project just needs to be perfect!

What A Haul

Uh oh. I might have bought more yarn…

Wool Warehouse are having another sale, and this time it is Drops Cotton yarn. You already know I love Drops, so it will come as no surprise to you that I went a bit mad…
There are 45 balls of yarn in total. Thats 2 and a quarter kg, or or 4 km of yarn.

I have 25 balls of Muskat

And 20 balls of Paris.

I plan to make garments with them. Maybe a skirt whith the purple Muskat and a cardi with the yellow Paris.

My Haul! 

It arrived. Isnt it just beautiful!

You may think I have gone a bit overboard! But I can aasure you, I have plans for all of it! 

This set of Drops Baby Merino is my favourite, probably just for my plans for it. It is lovely and soft and the colours are lovely. I bought these so I can experiment with colours and patterns for my wedding bouquets! How exciting. I will be sharing my trials and experiments with you as I go along on my journey to picking the perfect selection of flowers.

Its hard to get the green colour to show but this yarn is destined to be a shawl in grey purple and pistachio. 

This Drops Alaska yarn is due to become a scarf. I love the way the blue red and pink work together.

Finally, this Drops Fabel yarn will become a couple of pairs of socks. I even got myself a book of patterns to help me on the journey. 

I keep seeing pretty socks on so many of your blogs, I have finally decided to just get on a make some of my own! 

Of course I will share with you all my new creations as they take place!