Hook N Learn CAL part 1

Just popping in to share with you my first block for my Hook n Learn CAL.

I have never used block stitch before. I quote enjoyed it. I had many thoughts about how I could use it in the future. I kept thinking about a grey cowl with a rainbow of sc rows in between.
For part 2, its waffle time!

Its Done! Yahoooooo!

I have been working on this project since september last year. It kept being put to the side as deadlines for other projects loomed. You have heard me say “I hope to finish by” so many times over the weeks and months since I started, But I can now finally say, ITS DONE! *Does a happy dance*.

My Sunny Granny Jumper is done!

I am very very pleased with it.

I made it up as I went along to my specific (quite chunky) measurements, so I cant provide a pattern. But I can describe how I did it.

The first step was to take measurements. Now I know the photo would suggest I am potato shaped, I am in fact an hour glass so it didnt matter for me wether I used my hip or bust measurements. If you are a pear or triangle then you would take the larger of the 2 measurements (since this is a sort of baggy 80’s style jumper).
I took my chest measurement (116 cm), then halfed it (58 cm). I created two granny squares that were slightly larger than this (62 cm) then stitched them together into a tube using the flat zipper method.
I then kept adding rows to each side of the tube along the top of the granny squares until I had two flaps that were long enough to meet just above my shoulder. Along the top corners I sewed the flaps together to create a vest.
To create the sleeves, I first single crocheted around the arm holes to create a base row, then just continued with straight rounds until the sleeves were just below my elbow. Now I added the trim.
To do this, I simply dropped a hook size and did a couple of rounds around the neckline, cuffs and bottom of the jumper in linen stitch, until I was happy with how it looked.
I really love the colours! So warm and sunny – a stark contrast to the cold snowyness of today!
Its made in Drops Paris amd took almost 200 yards of yarn (almost 25 balls!)

Another CAL (lord help me)

So as we have seen, I am pretty rubbish at being organised with CALs. I mean, the Last dance on the beach took me forever and the Pick and Mix blanket still hasnt been started but I feel optomistic with this one.

Isnt it a beauty? Its called the Hook and Learn blanket.
The idea is that it uses 12 different stitches in different blocks so is a real sampler blanket.
Anyways, I got my inspiration whilst I was cuddled up on the sofa surrounded by crocheted blankets reading my copy of Simply Crochet Magazine. There are 2 yarn choices shown on the page – one in Scheepjes River Washed and one in Colour Crafter. And then I remembered I had loads of colour crafter left from my Last Dance on the Beach blanket. 5 and a half balls worth to be precise.

Its only a 9 ball blanket all told so I would only need to do a top up shop for supplys. This could be a great way to use it all up and to enjoy making amother blanket without much more financial outlay! One of the things I really enjoyed about my last CAL was learning so many new stitches! So off I trundled to wool warehouse and picked up 4 more balls. This is what I got. (The 4 at the top)

I love purple but dont want it to be exactly the same colour as my Last Dance blanket. So I added some teals and turquoises to the mix.

Dont they look lovely together? I cant wait to see how it works out. And hey, maybe I will even keep up with this CAL for a change!

Februarys Makes

Its the end of the month again so here is my months makes. This month I have not completed as many as last time.
First, I finished 4 Octos

I then halted octo making for a moment to complete my Locker Pouches.

With some leftover yarn from the locker pouches I made this little jellyfish.

I then continued with the octos and made 4 flatties (which I will give more detail about in my #octopledge post.

I had hoped I could finish this month with my jumper but it wasnt to be. However, I am certain I can finish it within the next week.

FO Friday (16/02/18)

Hello all. Another project finished perfectly in time for a FO Friday post. Wonders will never cease.

Popping in to share with you my locker pouches that i have been making to organise my locker at work.

Dont you just love the colours.

In order of when I made them. The first was done with a starter chain of 20 and SC stitch all the way around. The second was done with a starter chain of 10, but with a slight gusset to make it slightly deeper and DC stitch. The third was done the same way with a starter chain of 30. The fourth was done using 2 basic granny squares stitched together with a row of SC. And the final one was done with a starter chain of 24 and HDC all around.

They certainly have helped to organise my locker substantially. Here is the before:

And here is the after:

And now, with the small amount of yarn I have left from this project, I might reward myself with an octo… only the one though, since I still have 2 substantial WIP’s to get a mooch on with.

Happy hooking!

Januarys Makes

I have seen this idea on many blogs and after spending a few hours trying to track down all of my finished projects for my end of 2017 posts I decided to start doing an monthly Finished Object post. So here is the first.
In January I completed 8 projects.

First was this wreath.

Then these 3 wash cloths

This scarf

This group of octopusses for Octopus for A Preemie.

And this Hat and Scarf combo to keep me warm on my night shifts.
How was your january?

FO Friday (26/01/18)

Oh my gosh I actually have something to show you for once.

I made this hat and scarf set for myself – to keep me warm at work. As I already said, I am on niggt shifts this week so need something to keep me warm that matches my uniform.
So I made this hat.

And this scarf.

I finished the scarf on wednesday and the scarf just 20 minutes ago.
The hat was made using the Basic Chunky Beanie Hat pattern from Marias Blue Crayon. You can find it here. I followed the pttern almost exactly. The only difference being that I added an extra 3 rows between row 11 and 12 and I used a 6mm hook instead of 6.5mm, simply because I didnt have a 6.5mm.
The scarf didnt have a pattern but I used the same basic idea from the hat pattern – a row of 20 hdc followed by a row of 20 trebles.
So now I am a little warmer in this cold old station – now I just have to hope this shift goes easily (I am not holding out much hope though – the last weekend of the month, payday weekend, always brings out the drunken egits, and with them comes the fighting, vomiting, passing out, and being so bladdered they cant control their bodily functions or work out how to get themselves home safely. Oh well – at least I wont be bored!

(Belated) Christmas Crafting…

Ok. So I know christmas is over. But in true ‘ME’ style, I am once again behind. I had really hoped to get this finished in time to display for christmas (as well as some of the items from this range published in simply crochet issue 50) but the Last Dance on the Beach blanket really took over my life in November and December. So I only just got around to finishing it. 
I know. Its late. In fact so late that I finished it the same day we took all the decorations down… (on sunday). Now I could have left it lingering but I really need to try to keep on top of my projects. So I cracked on anyways. And here it is!

And here are a few detail shots. 

Over all I am quite pleased with it. It turned out really cute. 
It is slightly different to the original. 
For one, I didnt stick to the yarn guide – the pattern suggested using Scheepjes Catona for the brown white and red colours but then Scheepjes Sunkissed for the rest. This seemed quite illogical to me, so I chose to pick simmilar colours in Catona instead. 
The other difference is due to my own sillyness. I didnt bother to double check the pattern before buying the polystyrene base, so had to modify the initial panel to go around a base that was 5cm larger in diameter. It took a lot of manipulating but I managed it eventually. 
I must say though, I absolutely adore the little candy canes – arent they just lovely! This particular shade of Catona (Poppy Red) is just so festive! 
I cant wait to crack on with more in this range. Hopefully this year I can keep on top of my christmas crafting…

(FINALLY) My Last Dance on the Beach

I finished it! I bloody well finished it. My first ever adult sized blanket made solely on my own. Yes, I meant it to be finished by christmas and yes I had to gift it on christmas morning with an IOU of completion but I finished. I am so proud of myself!

Above you can see how it looks when it is fully spread out. Below are some close ups. 

And, of course, some of my cat doing her very best to get in the way of my photos. 

The little bugger! Its almost as if she feels photographs are made for her to show off how beautiful she is, and like she has a duty to put herself in all my pictures!
Anyways, for some reflections on this project. 
My first observation, back when I started this project, saw how lovely and squashy the Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn is! Boy is it soft. But it is also very sticky – we ended up in a terrible pickle where the yarn had stuch together and got tangled and took 3 experienced yarnies to even partially rescue. That was fun…
I really loved this project though. I feel like it would be perfect to learn new skills, kinda like a sampler. I learnt many new stitches during this project that will definately become part of my regular repetoir. 
I only had two small issues with this project. The first was totally my own fault born out of a pain in the arse coulour choice. The dark purple squares gave me headaches as I was straining so much to see the stitches. 
The other issue was with the wavy square. I just couldnt follow the pattern. All the slip stitching proved too difficult for me so I ended up winging my way to something that vaguely resembled the original design. 
Over all though, I am absolutely in love with thos blanket. And my fiance loves it too – in fact, he is barely seen at home without it draped across him or wrapped around him. And of coudse, the cat loves to snuggle up in it too. 

Rugged Bohemian Waistcoat Pattern

Thank for visiting! This pattern has now been rewritten to include much more detailed instructions and step by step photographs! You can find the details here.

Secret Cinema! The best experience of my life. So good I went Twice. Luckily a friend of mine is one of the actors so I got heavily reduced tickets, but I would definitely say its well worth the full ticket price!
Anyways, a friend and I made plans to go, and they were such short notice that I didn’t have time to order costume pieces, so I had to make something myself. I wanted a ragged sort of waistcoat thing, but I had less than 24 hours to make it in, so instead of searching for a pattern, I just made it up as I went along. And now I have written you a pattern. Aren’t you lucky!