May Makes

Hello all. Its June the first! We are now almost half way through the year. Crazy!
This is what I made in May.
My first completed make this month was this pair of love cats, a gift for my friend Helens wedding day.

Then on returning from the wedding to find the newest edition of Simply Crochet Magazine on my door mat, I just had to whip up this Jammy Dodger tape measure.

I made a total of 8 octopusses which I wrote about a couple of days ago.

And towards the end of the month I cracked on with the Simply Crochet Hook’n’Learn CAL part 3.

And I made all of these cards!

It seems I had a pretty productive month. Wehey for productivity. Now if I can just ride this wave of productivity into finishing my Movie Night Cardigan and getting on with some trial flowers for my wedding bouquet then that would be lovely!

Hook'n'Learn part 3

Hello all! My word am I knackered today! We had the most rediculously heavy rain shower. It was very small in terms of ground covered, but it was really heavy. Like a tropical monsoon. As you know I work at London Victoria station. One minute it was dry. The next minute the station was flooded! It was crazy! We had to shut 4 platforms as well as half of 2 concourses, because it was so treacherous! The roof just couldnt take the pressure it was that heavy! So I spent the last couple of hours running around like a headless chicken trying to manage the flooding in my area and keep the passengers safe. It was mental!

Anyways, just popping in to share with you my completed blocks for the Simply Crochet Hook’n’Learn blanket CAL. This month it was shell stitch. I love shell stitch. It creates such a pretty texture and when using 2 different colours, creates a fabric that looks different depending on what side you view it from. The only downside to this block is the number of ends that need sewing in. The bane of all of our lives!

Here it is plugged into my diagram. I like how it looks so far. I can start to see it all coming together.

Just Married

Following on from the crocheted cats from last week (the ones I made for my friends wedding – if you didn’t see them, go and have a look here) here is the card I made.

I used some paper from a pack of purple sheets from pound land, some gems, some white paper, some pearlecent paper and a new set of stamps which I bought especially for this job. (Wedding themed craft gear is in short supply in my house but given that all of my friends will soon be marrying, I thought it a sound purchase.

It also has anniversary and event non specific sentiments so it can be used for anniversary and valentines too! Score!

Stash Busting Sunday (20/05/18)

Good morning all and I hope you are all having a lovely lazy sunday morning. I plan to chill and do nothing all day!
Today I have 3 new cards to share with you as part of my stash busting endeavours. 3 very glittery, very cute cards.

I made them using a few 6×6 Kraft cards, a topper pack and gold doily pack found in the paper crafting section at the works, and a glitter paper pack from pound land.
I just love a doily, dont you! And who doesnt love cute little animals!

A Beautiful Day for a Wedding 

Last week I had the most wonderful day celebrating the marriage of one of my lovely friends, Helen and her wonderful new Husband, William. We celebrated at The Orangery, just outside of Maidstone which was simply stunning.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner of roast chicken and most scrumptious trio of desserts – chocolate brownie, lemon tart and creme brulee. I drunk rather a lot of wine and beer and had a good old dance to some 90’s disco classics. It was lovely. Of course, the best part was seeing someone that means so much to me so happy. I was in tears during the first dance as I thought back to the Hen Do and remembered her telling me ‘she didn’t regret anything in her life because she had found her perfect guy’. It was all so lovely.
And now it is over, I can finally show of the gift I made for them.

Arent they sweet! Here is a close up of the faces.

And if you thought they couldn’t get and sweeter, here they are from the back.

I am glad to report that the bride and groom loved them. The professional photographer took a lovely photograph of them holding their gift, so, providing they will permit it, I will share that with you when It becomes available.
I made it up as I went along. I was sure I had seen a pattern for something like this on pinterest a good long while ago, bus as is often the case with pinterest, things can get lost forever and no amount of searching seemed to bring it back to me. So I had to use my knowledge of amigrumi to work it out for myself.
I weighed the down by stuffing the body with a balloon filled with rice. This allowed them to stand much firmer on their own.
I was so glad to see their expression when they opened it. It made the work I put in totally worthwhile. I hope they will treasure them for years to come.

A New Tape Measure

I wonder how many of you share this problem with me. It doesnt matter how many tape measures I own, when I need one, they are nowhere to be seen. Every single time. I just cant find them when I need them. Then I may be tidying and find upwards of ten of the elusive little buggers.  I will put them in really sensible places so next time, I will be sure to be able to find them when I need them. But by the time next time arrives, they have all just snaked their way into hiding again! Its driving me nuts.
Hopefully this one will follow a better fate.

When I came home from the wedding on Friday afternoon my copy of Simply Crochet was already waiting for me on my door mat. And this was the free gift.

I fell in love immediately. So I dropped everything, grabbed a cup of tea and some Jammy Dodgers and got to work.

I did have a few little snags whilst making this. The most obvious being with thd heart in the middle. I use the term heart loosely as what I achieved was a vaguely triangular blob. The other issue I had was with tension – When I reached the final row of the jammy center circle, it was nowhere near big enough to fit over the tape measure casing. So I had to crochet another row before I could start the back loop doubles. After a tense game of yarn chicken, I did just about manage to complete the jammy center but even with the extra row and the subsequent extra dc stitches it was still a bit of a stretch.
Having said that, it is still very lovely. And I hope to be able to use it for many yeads to come. I have already had a request for one from my Nan, so I now need to find somewhere to purchase the tape msasure bases.
Did you give this a go yet? What did you think?
Ps. I hust realised how far behind I am on reading your wonderful blogs! Jeepers! Ever so sorry I havent popped by recently.  I am going to try to catch up on my night shift tonight.

Stash Busting Sunday (06/05/18)

As I have previously mentioned a couple of times this year, I plan to make this the year of stashbusting. I have so many supplies which always leads me to feel guilty about buying new yarn or new papercrafting bits and bobs.
Well its time I started getting through my stash! So every 2 weeks I plan to share with you some of my stash busting endeavours.
To start with, it will all be about the cards…
I made these cards with just a couple of Kraft 6×6 bases, and A paper pack and sticker set from poundlands Fall In Love card crafting pack.

I am very pleased with this collection of cards – nice and flat for easy mailing, pretty neutral (perfect for people like me and my mum who arent particularly flowery or girly).
My one slight issue is that in the diagonal stripe card, both the book and the heart papers are on upside down. Whoopsie! I think I must have had the card upside down (with the fold at the bottom) but by the time I noticed it was too late to rectify the problem. I dont think it sticks out too much so I am ok with it.
Lets see what cards I can come up with next.

Aprils Makes

I havent had a terribly productive time of it this month. I started April with horrendous pain from my carpal tunnel syndrome, then I got a cold which circulated my household for a while so I didnt get as much done as I had planned. Here is what I did acheive. 

I made these roses which became this hat.

I completed the second part In the Simply Crochet Hook n Learn CAL. 

I made 3 little Octopus.

And I made this little cat on a whim yesterday. I just had an urge to make a cat… no idea why. It isnt perfect as I made it up as I went along. My other half is insisting we give it a name. But the only idea he could come up with was Jess (inspired by postman pat) but that wasnt suitable as it is only black (not black and white) Or Doomfist (We were playing Overwatch on the PS4 at the mo). Anyway, his naming privaleges were speedily revoked. And I still have no idea. Suggestions?

Next month I hope to have at least completed my Movie Night Cardi, and I have a wedding gift to be working on, as well as the CAL and my octos. 

Hook n Learn part 2 – Waffle Stitch

Just popping in today to share my finished squares for part 2 of the Hook n Learn blanket from Simply Crochet Magazine.

Arent they pretty. Obviously they aren’t blocked yet. I will do that later. I am already farmilliar with waffle stitch as I used it in my Last Dance on the Beach blanket. Its such a nice stitch as it gives a lovely thick and textured fabric.
I recently found an (admittedly poor resolution) picture of the finished Colour Crafter blanket (they look different depending on the yarn you choose as they are laid out differently). I am going to use this to inform my colour choices.

I have made a little diagram to help me decide on colour placement.

Here are my squares so far added to the diagram.

I love these colours together. I cant wait to make more!

March's Makes

And so another month has come to an end. April is here almost and I am reaally excited because I have just 1 week left at work then almost 3 weeks off, I have Secret Cinema to look forward too, another Hen Do and a few video game releases. And of course, plenty of crafting time.

This month, I made it my mission to finish off my jumper which I finally managed in mid march. The final yarn count was just under 24 balls of Drops Paris.

I made these adorable little jellys and an octo. 3 went to preemies and 2 to angels.

I completed this CAL block, The first for the Hook ‘n’ Learn blanket.

And I finished my first ever knitted scarf. Which I will write about in more detail tomorrow!