#Octopledge2018 Augusts Donations

This month I managed to complete 5 little baby Octopusses for OFAPUK. 

They are made mostly out of Drops Love You 8 yarn, but I ran out before I reached the last set of tentacles so for the 5th Octo I used 10g of Drops Paris. They are such a cute little family of octos arent they? 

Unfortunately only 1 of them will be going to preemies this month. I had a little trouble with holes in this yarn. As it turns out a lot of people cant seem to work with this yarn. It splits quite a lot and is almost impossible to use for stuffed octos. I think I will use the rest of this yarn for facecloths for my christmas plans. 

#Octopledge 2018 July Donation

Hi all! Another busy month and yet again, I totally didnt notice july passing until it was 2/3rds of the way done! So its another small batch from me this month. 

These two lovely little flatties were made using Drops Love You 8 and a 3mm hook. I love how vibrant they are.

And the good news is they both went to preemies! Another month with all passes, even though it is only a small batch. 

My co-ordinator will be on holiday for the last week of August, so for Augusts donation I will need to get started earlier! Time to get cracking!

#Octopledge2018 June Donation

Unfortunately this is my smallest donation so far. I had been so preoccupied woth my Movie Night cardi (post to come once I have managed to get out and take some good pics), and with my competition bouquet that I hadnt even noticed June passing me by until it was almost 2/3 gone. So here are my 2 little critters.

Made using a single ball of Debbie Bliss Cotton DK Print in Lego colourway.

This yarn is quite rigid so its not as nice to work with, but it is very good for octos. But since debbie bliss went exclusively online at a retailer I dont use, I probably wont buy it again. 

Anyways, I digress – the good news is that both of these will be going off to preemie babies! Yay! I had hoped that this month I would get my first full batch of passes and I did it. Yay!

#octopledge2018 May Donations

Hello all! We are almost at the end of the month so its time once again for my log of Octo’s made for OFAPUK.

I made 8 creatures to donate this month. 2 flatties and 6 octos. This takes me to a total of 30 donated critters so far.

This octo made its way to an angel baby. I made this one on the go and handed it over at my first ever octo meet (we all met up for coffee and crochet in waterloo). It was a very valuable experience. As it turns out one of the local Co-ordinators, the lovely Nicola, is a sports physio and was able to show me some exercises for my carpal tunnel. She looked over this octo and explained to me it had a few holes around the decreases. As it turned out, my understanding of how to do invisible decreasing was wrong. Nicola showed me how to do it in person and now I have it licked.

Here are the other seven I just recently sent to my Co-ord. 6 of them are going to preemies. The green octo in the middle of the first photo will be going to an Angel as one of the tentacles was a little too long.

I really do enjoy making them and the feedback from my co-ord really helps. I really think it may be realistic for me to aim for a full house of preemi grade octos for next month’s donations.

If you want to get involved please dont hesitate. They are such fun to make and are such a lovely way to use your crocheting and knitting skills for good! And you get to meet lots of lovelies. We have regular meetups where we habe some cake, coffee and crocheting. You can learn so much! Just search facebook for Octopus for a Preemie UK. You will find all the info you need there.

Until next time! Happy hooking!

#Octopledge2018 Mid May Update

Hi all! We are half way through May so its time for an update on my octo making activities.

I have already handed in one little fella as I finished him at a meet up of london OFAPUK makers. I say little, he was positvely behemoth in comparison to some of the dainty little things. Unfortunately, due to my misunderstanding how to do an invisible decrease there were some quite large holes around his bottom. But all is not lost as one of the ladies showed me how to do it properly so now I know what I did wrong I can put it right. I also learnt some handy dandy physio exercises to help me cope with my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (One of the ladies was a sports physio). 

As well as the little chappy I handed in, I have also made this little trio.
And I am now working on another one.
So its been a productive month so far.

#Octopledge2018 Aprils Donations

This month, I only managed 2 Octopusses and 1 Flattie.

All three were made using a single ball of King Cole Cotton Giza Sorbet. 

The Octopus on the Left went to a Preemie.

The Octopus on the Right went to an Angel as the tentavles were too short.

The flattie went to am Angel as it had 1 tentacle too long.

I am pleased with this outcome. I struggled with this yarn (I am not a fan of 4ply yarn) and was sure there would be holes. So the fact that it is only the tentacle length that is a problem is great. 

#Octopledge2018 Mid April Update

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day. I have been crocheting and catching up on Star Trek Discovery. Good times!

Anyways, it is mid month so it is time for an update on my Octo making efforts.

So far this month, I have only managed 1 little octo chum. My carpel tunnel syndrome put a stop to octo making for a week or so, then I came down with a rotten cold. Then when I finally got close to beating the cold my fiancee also came down with a cold. You cant make octo’s when there is sickness in the house because its not worth the risk to the teeny tiny preemie babies, so my octo making gear went into quarantine until Mr Common Cold virus had well and truly left our home.

This octo is made using 11g of King Cole Giza Cotton Sorbet.

I must say, whilst being quite pretty, this 4ply is very fiddly to work with. A 2mm hook is quite hard to hold too. I habe a fair bit of 4ply to get through but maybe after I have worked through it all I will stick to DK or heavier!