A Pretty Chunky Shawl

Blimey! This month has flown! I have been so busy crocheting that I forgot to blog and now we are halfway through august already! 

Today I am sharing with you this shawl I made.

I followed Vickie Howells Chunky Triangle Shawl pattern, which you can find here. I lived making this pattern as with all chunky projects, you get a very satisfying finished project in a short amount of time. Its well written and fun to follow so take a look.

This wasnt a stashbusting project per se, as I bounght the yarn fairly recently. But I was busting Cygnets stash, as they look soon to be getting rid of Bumper Boucle in order to make way for new yarns. 

Anyways, I really enjoyed this pattern. I modified it slightly, as I couldnt find my 12mm hook so ai used a 15 mm then stopped short of the last few rows as it was already huge due to the 15mm hook. 

Bumper Boucle is super snuggly and warm so I imagine whoever I gift it to will be super cosy wearing it!

I now have 1 and a half skeins left of this yarn so I am off to find something else I can do with it. 

July Makes

This month I seem to have had a spurt of crojo. I finished 7 projects, using over 1000 yards of yarn. And using up 7 balls of yarn that have been languishing in my stash for far too long! Whats more I have made a start on christmas gifts!

First I finished up part 4 of the Hook n Learn CAL. 

Then I finished my July donation to Octopus For a Preemie UK.

Then I got on a bit of a hat making roll. First was the Sequoia Ridge hat.

Then the Autumn Leaves Hat.

And after that the Divine Hat. 

Finally I completed part 5 of the Hook n Learn CAL – Cable Stitch

And I made a Blanket for my little Maxine.

What a sucessful month! 

A Blanket for Max

So the Crojo continues today with the completion of a blanket for my little Maxine.

She liked it so much she decided to roll herself up in it whilst I was still putting on the finishing tassels. 

It will now live in her little cubby hole – she has a cubby hole on my fiance’s desk where she can observe him and make sure he gives her plenty of fusses!

I used the Presto 4.5 hour afghan from Make and Do Crew. You can find it here.

The pattern called for a 15mm hook but as I didnt need it to be human sized I downsized to a 10mm. I continued to follow the pattern until I had run out of yarn. I used 5 balls in total – 3 sirdar Husky, then a leftover ball of Drops Eskimo from a baby blanket I made and around 40g of Sirdar Big Softie that I had leftover from a blanket I made for Max when I first got her. 

Divine Hat

I had my interview on thursday morning – I think I did a good job. I seemed to get along really well with them and after they interviewed me they told me I had done well and they introduced me to the team and let me have a go at the job. That is a good sign because apparently they (the interviewers) dont usually do that. However, someone could still have come along and scored a few points more than me. But for me the important thing is that I did a good job and if I dont get this particular position, it wont be a reflection on me. I feel that regardless, I made a positive step forward in my career. And now comes the waiting! 

As you will remember I had a burst in my crojo recently, which was then brought to a halt when I received the last minute interview invite. Now that the interview is done (after a few well deserved beers) I have got straight back to crocheting. Another hat has just flown off of my hooks.

This time it is the Divine Hat, by Sarah Arnold. You can find it here

This pattern is a very simple and very pretty one. I have no idea how the maths of it works to be honest – it starts on a strange number of stitches into a magic circle, and there are only 4 rounds that resemble increase rounds but somehow it makes a very well fitting hat! 

My only mod was to add a final row of Sc when I had finished the brim, just to finish it all off. 

Isnt it pretty. 

Its made of James C Brett Monsoon, which is, surprise surprise, another discontinued yarn. According to Ravelry its been in my stash for nigh on 4 years! Thats really bad, but sadly, is probably not the oldest stalwart in my collection! 

#Octopledge 2018 July Donation

Hi all! Another busy month and yet again, I totally didnt notice july passing until it was 2/3rds of the way done! So its another small batch from me this month. 

These two lovely little flatties were made using Drops Love You 8 and a 3mm hook. I love how vibrant they are.

And the good news is they both went to preemies! Another month with all passes, even though it is only a small batch. 

My co-ordinator will be on holiday for the last week of August, so for Augusts donation I will need to get started earlier! Time to get cracking!

Autumn Leaves

Wow this hat making has me yearning for autumn. I cant wait for the cooler nights, the warm spices, the oranges and brown of nature. Its my favourite time of year. 

Recently I shared with you my Sequoia Ridge slouch. This time I am sharing with you my finished Autumn Leaves Slouch. A pattern by Tamara Kelly, which you can find here.

First of all, I would point out that this hat is definately not for beginners nor for people who want a mindless project. It does require a lot of concentration and also for me it required the learning of a new technique. 

Have you heard of the Chainless Starting Double Crochet? I hadnt but from now on I can see myself using it a lot. It eliminates the gaping you get with the standard method (ch 3). You can find the tutorial video I used here. They have a left handed version which was extra useful – I can learn new things using right handed videos but it is a lot easier if there is a left handed option! 

It did take me longer and tire my eyes out from all the concentration and having to refer back to the pattern every few minutes but I think that is justified by the finished result! 

I really struggled to get a pic of the pattern but it is lovely and lacey. I can just imagine it keeping someone snuggly. 

I did mod the pattern a little. In the interest of conserving yarn I took out 2 rows from the repeat (row 18 and 19)
The brim was huge though. Perhaps my tension was a bit loose or something. To fix it, In row 20 where you should put 2 single stitches into every ch 2 space (of which there are 24), I only put 2 in half of them. The other 12 I only put 1 single stitch into.  

And as an added bonus – I had just enough yarn left over after finishing the Autumn Leaves Slouch that I was able to make the pefect pom pom for the Sequoia Ridge Slouch I shared yesterday. Here it is with its pom pom.

Whats next. Time to go back to the ravelry que.