More Stash Busting Hats

So yesterday I popped in to share with you some mittens I made, using up my stash by making assorted bits for charity with odds of yarn. Today I am sharing 3 hats I have made in the last week.

The first 2 are following the same pattern, which I completed at the weekend.

This is the Easy Peasy Chunky Slouch hat pattern by Michelle Ferguson. The top one is the remainder of my Sirdar Freya in a toddler size, and the second is in an adult size using Filande Nomade.

And the third, which I finished just this evening, is the Basic Newborn Hat by Hooked on Tilly. I used oddments of Sirdar Pure 4ply and Scheepjes Sunkissed.

I am really thrilled to be cracking through my stash and helping others at the same time. I am almost ready to fill my box to pop in the post to Knit For Peace.

Cosy Mittens

Hello all! I have another finished object to share with you which I completed at the weekend.

These are the Crossed Stitch Fingerless Gloves by Little Golden Nook.

Aren’t they just lovely? Even in a fuzzy yarn like Sitdar Freya, the pattern texture shows through.

I had planned to make these mittens part of my donation to Knit for peace, but it’s such a struggle to give them up. Having said that, with the crazy warm weather we have been getting recently I wouldn’t need them at all, so if I really wanted to I could nock out another pair when winter comes around again.

My Kindred Spirit

Today was a lovely sunny day. Probably the first of the year we could spend together, so Chris’ took me to the local bird sanctuary (only 15 minutes walk from my home but I had never gotten around to visiting) and of course, my bag of finished objects came with me to get their moment in the sun.

We saw lots of lovely geese and ducks and many other birds that were much harder to photograph but here are some I did manage.

Some very friendly greylag geese.

Canada geese.

And I especially loved the Egyptian Geese, who had a little pair of baby geese in tow.

They were so little and fluffy!

It’s a wonderful little park which I must go back to later in the year, It also plays host to a butterfly garden (which had no butterflies in it since the flowers were yet to bloom) some bats (I love bats but you have to visit at a certain time to see them) and many species of bird which I expect have yet to migrate back to us)

Anyways, it’s about time I shared my Kindred Spirit Scarf.

The pattern is by CJ Brady. The yarn is Abstract Cat Superwash Merino in colour way Joie De Vivre.

I am really happy with how this scarf turned out.

I had originally thought I would have to reduce it in length by a few rows but actually ended up adding an extra 2 pattern repeats to use up all of the yarn so it’s actually longer than anticipated. I love it.

I especially love how the picots are worked as you go along, as it means you don’t have to add an edging separately. I have never done a CJ Brady pattern before but this one is so lovely, I think I might do some more!

Goodness me!

Hello all! I am still here I promise. I have been on a training course as you know, the starting point of my Apprenticeship in Railway Infrastructure and Operations as it required by my job as a signaller. I really didn’t anticipate how much this would fill up my life. And unfortunately, my blog has been put on the back burner. Last week we had our first exam. This week we have our second observation. It is very full on so I have had little time to crochet! However, I did manage to finish my Kindred Spirits scarf yesterday. Unfortunately, living in a hotel I have no access to my good quality photography equipment so pictures will have to wait until I get home at the weekend. I hope to get you updated asap on my crochet. Now, what can I crochet next?

A Very Late WIP post

Hello everyone. I am very sorry for neglecting you all lately. I have been trying to find time to crochet but as you know, I am living in a hotel during the week righy now whilst I attend signalling school, and the lighting is so bad for WIP pics. Also I thought living in a hotel would give me plenty of time to crochet, buy I have spent almost all of my free time studying. So much studying. We had our first observations this week, which gladly, I can say I passed. Buy we have our first exam next week, so I fear I will have little time for crochet. I will try not to neglect my blog completely but it is very hard to find time to blog, so for the next 3 months I may only be posting on the weekend.

Anyways, whilst I am at home with my photographic equipment, I grabbed a few pictures of my current works in progress.

I am still working on my kindred spirit scarf. I am well into the decrease half of it so each row is getting quicker and easier. I hope to finish soon!

I am also making headway on my baby blanket. It’s growing nicely.

And finally, I made a start on my February donation to OFAPUK. Still trying to use up half balls of yarn, so I went with these two very springy colours. Like a daffodil, just in time for all the spring babies.

January Makes 2019

January is over so its time to review my month!

I finished 8 Projects this month.

I started 2019 off with a case for my foldable keyboard.

Then a Pachimari for my partner.

Followed by a pencil case for my apprenticeship.

I Made four little Octo’s for OFAPUK.

Then I completed two pairs of mittens and 3 hats for Knit For Peace.

And I also managed a massive destash, selling on 5 and a half kilos of yarn. And I made more money than I have spent this year on yarn, so my yarn Expenditure spreadsheet is actually in profit!

Octo pledge 2019 January Donations

Wowza – it’s been a whole year since my first donation to OFAPUK. Doesn’t time fly? Today I am checking in to share with you the Octo’s I donated in January.

There’s a total of 4 this month, using the scraps of no less than 6 balls of yarn. And here is how they did, Clockwise from top left:

1. Preemie

2. Preemie

3. Went to an Angel. I knew this would be the case as soon as I stuffed it – There were so many holes in it it made no sense to sew them up as in the same time I could have made another! This was the first time I used Scheepjes Sunkissed for Octo’s, (I was using the leftovers from my laptop case) and I think my hook was a little too big. Next time, I will use a 2mm and see how that goes.

4. Preemie