A Realization

Do you stick go one project at a time or do you work on loads of projects at once. Do you craft for the process or the finished object. I never thought I had a preference. That was until now.

I have recently been working on a few long winded projects. A shirt, a shawl consisting of 24 mini skeins, and some squares for a blanket that I am not enjoying (the squares not the blanket). And I have felt really bored. Not because I am not enjoying the crochet but because I feel like I am miles away from finishing anything. That’s when I realised I am probably a finished product crafter – I like to feel like I am productive, so finishing things really makes me happy.

So with that in mind, out came some Aran yarn and a quick project to satisfy my itch to finish something quickly.

This is the Ribbed Granny Stitch Cowl by Alexandra Richards, I used the leftover Blue Moon Fibre Arts Plushy yarn from my Cropped Granny Jumper.

I love the way you can tuck it into your jacket – sometimes scarfs can be really bulky but this eliminated the bulk whilst keeping your neck warm.

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  1. Yeah, if I am on a long term project like a large blanket I can get bored and so need to do a few other shorter projects to keep my spirits up. Things that can be completed in a day or so are great for this.

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