Getting On With It – Part 2

So I did get on a bit of a role after I finished the Catherine Wheel block of my Hook n Learn blanket. As soon as I had fastened them of I moved straight on to part 8, the puff Stitch block.

This block went really quickly as it had no colour changes and was a simple 2 row repeat.

Onwards and upwards. Only 4 more parts (5 more blocks) to go until I can start to assemble! Yay!

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    1. Thank you! I seem to have this sudden burst of drive. I did that 9 for 2019 thing on Instagram at the start of the year and realised about this time last month that I hadn’t done any of them yet! So this last month I have been cracking them out! I had two CAL blankets that fell by the wayside as well as 4 tops, a hat, a shawl and a baby cardi. The baby cardi won’t happen but hopefully I can get back on track with the rest of it!

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