WIP Wednesday (26/06/19)

Hello all! As a rare occurrence I only have 1 WIP this week.

I have been focused mostly on finishing my vase of crocheted flowers for entry into Beckenham Place Flower Show which is on Sunday, as well as getting my June donation for OFAPUK finished and posted, so I haven’t really spent much time on my Blooming Crocus. However I did complete a few more rows today during my break and on the train home from work. I think I am only a row or two away from splitting for the sleeves. I think it would be really cool to wear this to the flower show, since it is inspired by Crocus flowers, so this will be my sole project until it’s done.

(Yes, this is the same picture from last week since it hasn’t had any interesting developments)

Then is the tricky decision on what to start next. I have three projects in mind. The decision is between a hat, another top and a Cuddly Dragon, which I have been commissioned to make for a friend’s baby. Do I do them one by one or should I just start them all?

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