World Wide Knit (or Crochet) in Public Day

So, as it turns out, today is World Wide Knit in Public day. WWKIPD was started in 2005 and falls on the 2nd Saturday of June. Its aim is to get epople out and about enjoying fibre in public spaces for everyone to see. And it got mev thinking about the benefits of crocheting in public.

Personally, the main reason I crochet in public is convenience. I crochet every day on the train to and from work. It seems daft to just waste the 40 minutes each way staring out of the window or trawling through social medias for the hundreth time. A lot can be done in an hour and 20 minutes so I may as well be productive with my time. One of my Anxiety triggers is lack of productivity. This feeling that I have wasted time or not acheived anything productive. So it can be a real boost to my day and my mood to get a little crochet in before I even get to work.

Another reason to crochet in public is Anxiety control. I struggle with really huge groups of people. The other day we went to see Tenacious D at Wembley Arena. I had never been to such a large event before. I had a panic attack before I left, because I was so scared of the thousands of people (around 12000), the threat to my personal safety and security, just the thought of all the people pushing into me. So I took my crochet along with me, and I sat and crocheted whilst I waited for the gig to start. This helped to center me and stop the continual cycle of thoughts of what could go wrong. I did eventually have another panic attack, but that was on leaving the event only to find that Wembley Stadium had an event of and they had kicked out at the same time. Around 80,000 people who had been watching some Korean pop band I had never heard of. I hadn’t prepared for the stress of almost 100000 people all trying to get into a train station at once.

Anyways I digress. Another Anxiety trigger I have is loud unruly people. I get really worked up when I see people breaking rules (like drinking on the tube, not stowing their bags under the seat on airplanes, putting their feet on the seats on the train, etc. It’s really silly, but there is a part of my brain that really hates rule breaking, because rules exist for a reason no matter how stupid they may initially seem. I also really hate rowdy behaviour, overly loud aggressive talking, people being horrible to customer service staff. I just don’t understand why people have to be so rude and inconsiderate to the people around them/why everyone can’t just be nice and polite and civil with each other and that can often get me all worked up. So to avoid the anxietyness all together, I just put on my headphones and get out my crochet then I can be oblivious to it all, happily crocheting away in peace.

Another great reason to crochet in public is this – to inspire. Countless times I have been crocheting in public and have been approached to ask what it is I am doing. When I am on a train I often catch glimpses of people transfixed with the movement of my hook. We pass many many people on a daily basis, and in this modern world more and more people are searching for something more to fill their life with. Something to fulfil their soul and make their heart happy. Crochet may be exactly what they need, and seeing a young creative person creating something really cool from just some string and s hook, may just inspire them to try it themselves. And thus we spread the love.

Did you crochet in public yesterday? I crocheted on the train to work, on my lunch break, in a cafe, on the Overground and on a train home.

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