Tutorial – Working into the Foundation Ch

Hello everyone. Today I am going to share with you a new technique that I love to use when starting a new project.

Now, I can ideal world, we wouldn’t have to ever do a foundation chain. I have been a massive convert to the Foundation Sc recently. But sometimes, a starting chain is inevitable.

Traditionally when crocheting into a foundation chain, we would put our hook under the top loop of the V created at the front of the chain.

However, for a neater look, consider turning the chain over and looking at its back. Can you see these bumps at the back. Well, we can actually crochet into these instead.

Now for a side by side, so you can see the difference this method makes to the beginning edge of a project.

You get a much more even edge, which looks nicer and if sewing panels together, is uch easier to match up.

I used it for the collar of my Neon Moon Jumper and it negated the need to finish it with a row of SC.

And there we are. A neater foundation edge is as simple as flipping the chain over and picking another loop.

What have you learnt recently that has changed how you crochet?

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