WIP Wednesday (05/06/19)

This WIP Wednesday I have 3 projects on the hooks.

I am almost finished my Cherry Pi shawl. I finished the actual crochet part on the train home from work earlier today. I just have to sew in the ends and block it. It’s gonna be real exciting blocking something so lacey.

I started the Blooming Crocus Top pattern by sweet potato crochet yesterday. But I have no photo as it’s sitting on the naughty step. I did the first 2 rows for the Large size, only to try it on and find that it is about 8 inches too big for me. So I am deciding what to do now. I guess I will go down to a M. Or perhaps go down a hook size. Or perhaps both. Who knows. I hate to do gauge swatches but I think I have no choice. When I measured my gauche I think I was a whole cluster shell stitch out!

And finally, I am working on one of my own patterns – in order to rewrite my old pattern I needed to make another to better understand why people were having a hard time understanding it. I hope to have it re-released by the end of the week.

Also whilst I am here, I just wanna share with you a new project bag which I received in the post today. If you don’t like rude things, look away now:

When I saw it it made me chuckle so I had to have it! It has pockets on the inside too. 2 big ones and 4 little ones. It is brilliant!

I bought it from the Knitting Goddess, who is also the person who dyed the yarn I am using for my Cherry Pi Shawl above.

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    1. I did it in the end. In the end I went down a hook size and that worked a treat, so now I am back to where I was before I had to frog it.

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