Some Old Patterns Scrubbed Up New

As part of my effort to revamp my blog and sort out some of the old content, I have been planning on sorting out a more professional looking format for my patterns. Well, today I settled upon a PDF format I like, so I applied it to 3 patterns I am happy with. These 3 Washcloths.

From left to right, you can find the new PDF Patterns here, here, and here on Ravelry.

Please, go and have a look at them – I would love to know what you think – I hope this new format and new look will help my work to stand out a bit more, once I start designing again, and give a level of continuity to it all.

And thank you to those of you who have been here following me for so long – without your encouragement, I would probably have given up a long time ago, but I just know if I persevere, I can only get better and make my design dreams come true.

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