A (Very) Late Spring Clean

Yes yes, I am aware that its almost summer but better later than never I suppose.
Last year I decided to take a big break from designing crochet patterns to really focus on improving my skills and researching how other successful pattern designers write so well.
Well, I am not ready to start designing just yet, although I have some ideas in my head, but I thought it about time I reviewed some of my old patterns.
And my goodness aren’t they terrible! Some of them are written so badly, some are just plain ugly, there’s spelling error galore! But to my dismay, there is no way to delete a pattern from Ravelry. So I set about trying to find a solution to remove my hideous contributions to Ravelry. And I happened across this very handy blog post by Blackstone Designs.
So I created this little icon.
And I went through my Ravelry and addressed all of my problem patterns.

I also went through my blog and archived all of the old posts that no longer fit with my blog and my Instagram account removing all of the bad/irrelevant photographs. I decided that I need to focus my blog more on crochet and less on all the other stuff I used to post about.

The last 4 patterns I have decided to re write and re photograph. Perhaps even with photo tutorials. I may even make PDF’s.

I hope that this will help me to feel less weighed down and cluttered when I get back in to designing. If nothing it removes some of the frankly embarrassing “designs…?” I came up with years ago!

Also, please keep an eye out for some changes on my blog – my fiance has offered to host it, and so i have generally overhauled it. Updates should appear within the next 24 hours.

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