January Makes 2019

January is over so its time to review my month!
I finished 8 Projects this month.
I started 2019 off with a case for my foldable keyboard.

Then a Pachimari for my partner.

Followed by a pencil case for my apprenticeship.

I Made four little Octo’s for OFAPUK.
Then I completed two pairs of mittens and 3 hats for Knit For Peace.

And I also managed a massive destash, selling on 5 and a half kilos of yarn. And I made more money than I have spent this year on yarn, so my yarn Expenditure spreadsheet is actually in profit!

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    1. Thank you and welcome! I am not so speedy at the moment as I am away on a 12 week course so all my time is spent studying but once I am finished the hooks will be flying through projects again.

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