My Esja Sweater

And so it is – we have reached the end of 2018, but not before I share one more project with you. 

This morning I finally finished my Esja sweater. 

Isnt it a beauty? This is the Esja Sweater (You can purchase the pattern here), by Tatsiana, of Lillia Bjorn Crochet.  It uses Linen stitch and Brioche crochet and its is just gorgeous. 

The Brioche does initially look a little difficult but actually it couldnt be easier and creates a wonderful squishy fabric. As long as you know how to do double crochets and chains then you know everything you need to know. 

I really would reccomend this pattern – it is really well written and has pages of photographs to help explain some of the more tricky bits. And the good news is that Tatsiana is hoping to create more icelandic style jumpers! I for one, will definately be keeping an eye out in the future.

Have a wonderful new year everyone! 

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