Christmas Wrapping

Today I have been getting busy wrapping up the pile of crocheted christmas gifts that has been steadily growing since the summer. 

First of all, I created a quick Label for each item using photoshop. 

My fiance recently created a book of care stickers so I used them to make the fibre info and wash instructions on the backs of the labels

Then it was time to make a few boxes.

I am absolutely in love with the box I made for my daddys present! It is gorgeous isnt it. 

These boxes were so easy to make and create little waste. 

All you need is glue, card and some scissors. 

Following the guide above measure and draw a line all the way around the card to the depth you require. Then score along the solid lines and cut along the dotted lines.

Then its simply a matter of folding along all of the score lines then glueing the corners together!

Isnt that simple? Then you make a second box the same way but just slightly larger to act as a lid. 

For this box I used a 12ins by 12ins card. 

I made these boxed for gift cards using 6ins by 6ins card.

Arent they lovely? I am so excited to give them to their recipients. And now that all the christmas wrapping is complete, I can really get into the christmas spirit! 

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