WIP Wednesday (12/12/18)

Eek its less than two weeks to Christmas! Where has the month gone! I wish it would slow down! Ah well – I am off work all of next week so hopefully I can enjoy some festive fun then! The gifts are almost all wrapped so I can relax. 
I have 3 projects on the hooks right now.
There is the Esja sweater, which I talked about yesterday.
I got to the end of the first openwork honeycomb section on my Hotel of Bees.

But then my dad suggested that he may visit on the 16th so I had to put down the hotel of bees (whos recipient I will see on Dec 21st) and start on my cousins gift, since it will be my dad who takes it to him. This is the first two parts of a Loot Llama from the game Fortnite. 

Are you still crocheting for christmas or have you got it licked? 

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