My Black Friday Haul

Whoopsie… I got a bit carried away! I try not to buy in to black friday that much. If nothing else, I like to have christmas shopping done and dusted by now so that when December comes I can sit back and relax and enjoy the festivities, rather than cram myself into various shops with last minute marys and panic buying peters. I mean for goodness sake, it comes the same time every year – there really us no need to leave things to the last minute!

Anyways I digress. In short I usually dont have any christmas shopping left to do by black friday, and I dont like to buy into the consumerism. Also I often think thecdeals arent nearly as good as you may think. 

But then I came across the Hobbii websites black friday sale… i think we can all guess how that turned out! 

I purchased some Hobbii Happy Feet yarn in colourway Circus.

4 cakes of Hobbii Hurricane

And 3 skeins of Cotton Kings. 

Arent they all lovely? I havent plans for them but I am sure they will all turn in to something wonderful. Eventually…

And quickly before you go – you may remember that I ordered a yarn advent calendar…

Well it arrived and my goodness, I am so excited!

This is a collaboration between 3 wonderful dyers – Unbeleiva-wool, Truly Hooked and Dye Candy. I cant wait to see whats in each little bag! And as a bonus, it came with a tote bag! (Extra exciting to me who collects tote bags) 

Ooooooh I am so excited! I will share with you the contents on a weekly basis with (hopefully) progress on the project I picked out for this calendar. 

To finish – a photo of my cat.

She was eyeballing the box the calendar came in as soon as it came through the door. As I was setting up the photo, the moment I removed the last little bag from the box, she was in like a shot! Funny little creatures, arent they! 

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