A Crocheted Oven Glove

I was scratching my head for ages about what to make for my soon to be father-in-law. Then I saw a pattern for a crocheted oven glove and I thought – wehey! Thats perfect (he is in the process of starting a new career in cooking and generally loves to cook). I bought the pattern immediately. And this week whilst I have been on nights I finally got started.

This pattern requires two strands of worsted weight yarn held together. I used Scheepjes Cahlista. The pattern is Hot Mitt Gift Set by Kristen Stoltzfus. You can find it here

I have to be honest though. I struggled with many areas of the pattern. First of all I had an issue wth the length. The pattern photo makes it look quite large, but it was actually quite small – I had to add an extra row above the thumb hole and an extra row in the thumb hole section in order to make it long enough. And I was using a hook size up from the patterns suggestion! 
My second issue was with the thumb. The original thumb worked up really weird. It just wasnt the shape you would expect a thumb to be. It was too short and narrow. I tried adding a few extra increase rounds to it but it just didnt work. As you can see above. 

So I made a second thumb, completely of my own designing and I think it worked out better. It sits much better on the glove and fits the thumb much better. I made the top of the thumb a little wider, then continued with straight rounds until it was the correct length. Then I did a few short rows back and forth (getting 2 stitches shorter each time) to create the extra length required around the base of the thumb. 

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