Simple Scallops

Hello all! 

Today I am sharing with you another Finished project for the christmas gift pile. 

This is the Simple Scallops Shawl, by Kristy Ashmore. You can find the pattern here

Isnt it just so lovely and lacey? It initially looked like it might be a little complicated but it is acrually only a 3 row repeat so once you have it memorised you can just keep going without much thought so its a great mindless project that you can pick up and put down whilst on the go. 

I used Schoppel Crazy Zauberball for this project. I bought it whilst I was on holiday in Hamburg a few christmas’ ago. It is a very interesting yarn to work with, because the colours are very vivid as you work them, changing between blues and greens and purples. But once the project is finished and you are looking at it as a whole, rather than row by row as you look at it whilst in progress, the colours blend so nicely together like a lovely lagoon. 

I cant wait to gift it to the recipient. And If you have a random 100g of 4ply laying about, this is a perfect pattern to use it up! 

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