WIP Wednesday (14/11/18)

***whoopsie! Forgot to push publish!***

Its Wednesday again and after 3 lovely long weeks off of work I have today returned to work (BOOOOO). But on the bright side I now only have 5 more working weeks until I start my new job! Yays! And Fallout 76 (the newest installment in my favourite video game series) comes out today so once I have finished work I will be straight down the shops to collect my pre-order. Until then, Here are my WIP’s.

After finishing my Wanderlust Beanie I started on a nice pair of mittens using the same yarn. I have mitten no.1 complete so now its onto the second.

I have added a few more inches to my Simple Scallops Shawl. Its slow going but I am getting there. I am a bit pants with projects where each row takes longer than the last. I tend to loose motivation! But hey, its ok. This is the sort of pattern where you just keep going until you run out of yarn, and I only have 38g left so hopefully I will finish soon! 

Having staved off the illness in the house I finally got back to my Octos and am now further into my first. 

I am also of course working on my Esja Sweater, but that has its own MAL post so I wont repeat myself here. 

On a final note does anyone elses cat do this?

Whenever I am playing with yarn the cat does this thing where she rolls about on the floor or sofa somewhere near me and stretches out and just happens to find the yarn at the end of her paw. Bless her little face, its like she knows she isnt allowed to go directly to it so she is trying her hardest to look like its a coincidence! You have to love their crafty little ways! 

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