My Sophine Scarf

Hello all! I hope you are having a lovely sunday. I have just returned from exploring a disused underground station (Aldwych/Strand) with the future Mother an Step-Father in Law and my Fiance followed by lunch at a lovely european resteraunt.

Now we will spend the rest of the evening chilling. Probably involves more crocheting for me. With Christmas fast approaching, I have had to adopt a ‘if I sits’ approach – if I am stationary, even for a minute, out come the hooks! Every stitch I can squeeze into my day is another stitch towards completion.

Anyways, back to the point, I am popping in to share with you my latest finished project, my Sophine Scarf by Simone Francis. You can purchase the pattern here. I used Sirdar Colourwheel.

The only modification I made was to the tassels. It required to to cut 3 strands per tassel but I had more yarn leftover so I cut 4 strands per tassel. And along the rows where it asks you to fix the tassels, I felt it was a bit gappy so I also added tassels in between the 2sc parts as well. 

Blocking made all the difference with this pattern. I suppose this is what happens with lacey type patterns. The blocking really opened up the stitches nicely! 

I cant wait to gift it at christmas. 

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